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Why You Should Train With a Punching Bag

There is a reason why kickboxers train with punching bags instead of punching in the air. A bag will not lie to you about the strength of your punch. From the moment you punch the bag, that shock travels through your whole body to the legs. If you are not applying the right techniques, you might walk away with injuries. But if you punch the bag properly, you can increase your punching power and become a good fighter. Here are some reasons why you should train with a punching bag.

Increase Your Flexibility

Boxing requires a lot of flexibility. However, beginner boxers are often quite rigid when they start kicking. If you are in this predicament, do not fret, as this is normal. When starting, kick the bag on the lower side. As you keep training, you will be more comfortable kicking higher. Eventually, you will find that you are kicking above the waist and up to your head’s level. Being flexible in kickboxing allows you to throw punches and kicks swiftly, and dodge before a blow hits you. If you do not have a punching bag at home, you can still practice at the gym. A quick online search of kickboxing gyms in San Diego near me will direct you to the right place. Plus, in a gym, you have an instructor to guide you and tell you what you are doing wrong.

Improves Balance and Coordination

One of the benefits of using a punching bag is that it increases your balance and coordination. In shadowboxing, you control your balance. But with a punching bag, you lose control. For instance, throwing a jab and hook in the air is different than doing the same with a punching bag. In the latter, you also have to think of the bag’s movement. A punching bag allows you to have better coordination with your strikes.

Punching a Bag Can Be Therapeutic

One of the ways to reduce stress is through kickboxing. It gets you out of your head and relaxes you. You get to forget all the day’s worries and do something that benefits your body. A few minutes after you start punching a bag, you get into a flowing state and are present. That euphoric feeling you get will help release any tension you are feeling.

Learn to Ground Your Feet When You Punch

When you are punching, your feet are supposed to be grounded. This gives you more power, control, balance, and mobility, allowing you to move after you have thrown a punch. Practicing with a bag allows you to learn this important technique that will come in handy in a boxing ring.

It Is a better Workout

Striking a bag means introducing strength and cardio training to your routine. You cannot boost your punching power by doing shadowboxing alone. You need that resistance that comes from a punching bag. A 20-minute punching bag workout will engage your arms, chest, shoulders, legs, and back, making you more fit.

Whether you are an advanced boxer or just starting out, punching bag exercises will do you some good. Shadowboxing is good for learning the basics. But when you really want to enhance your boxing skills, use a punching bag.



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