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Why Hire Office Directors in Commercial Relocation Networks?

While many Oakville Movers claim to offer office moving services, most movers treat office relocation like a normal home move in terms of the type of equipment and process they use. The result is chaotic and unsafe travel that costs far more time and money than expected.

Businesses wishing to have their moving professionally handled can rely on Commercial Relocation Network’s office movers for all their moving needs. The network is a membership organization made up of reputable office directors recognized as the best of the best in their region. To better understand the benefits of hiring a mover on the Commercial Relocation Network, you should familiarize yourself with the services that differentiate you from a typical mover.

moving service

Commercial Relocation Network’s office directors are experts in office relocations of all types and sizes. They have experience with the complex task of relocating offices with minimal downtime. Members of the network provide turnkey office moving services that are widely regarded as the best in the business. From moving medical facilities to manufacturing plants to data centers, Commercial Relocation Network office movers use innovative methods and state-of-the-art equipment to precisely manage relocations.

data center

Businesses with data centers have unique concerns when moving from one location to another. They have customers who depend on them for uptime, so they need an office mover who can ship sensitive equipment within tight timelines. Commercial Relocation Network office movers provide data center relocation services that include disconnect/reconnect, cabling, and precision packaging to ensure that this high-tech, very expensive equipment is not damaged during relocation.

disposal service

Members of the Commercial Relocation Network are committed to moving green. They help businesses reduce waste and dispose of unnecessary materials in a safe, economical and environmentally friendly way. Whether moving a small office or a large corporation, office movers in the network do so with the best interests of the company and the environment in mind. That’s why we offer additional disposal and recycling services for all your unwanted furniture, electronics and waste. Members of the Commercial Relocation Network also offer secure document shredding and disposal services for older files.

Transfer to a medical facility

In addition to the relocation challenges of other industries, healthcare facilities face additional challenges and responsibilities when it comes to privacy concerns. They must meet our standards and other privacy policies. That’s why Commercial Relocation Network office movers offer secure management chain processes, phased moves and technical setups. This allows medical offices to safely relocate files and see patients as soon as they settle into the new building.

packaging service

Most businesses don’t have the time or expertise to set up their own offices. Because paving an office requires precise and careful planning and the right materials to prevent damage and loss. From moving small electronics to large works of art to massive files, Commercial Relocation Network office movers take better care of their clients’ assets than other movers.

space deconstruction

Most businesses have lease terms that require the property to be broken up and returned to the landlord. Commercial Relocation Network’s office movers can handle the entire relocation process, allowing businesses to focus on relocation and not worry about relocation. Some of these decommissioning services include meeting with property management, disposing of debris on the property, cleaning the facility, and conducting a final review with property management officials.



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