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Why firecrackers are set off on every Chinese coming New Year?

Legend has it that each New Year’s Eve, a monster named Nian comes out to devour the villagers and destroy their houses. The villagers determined that the explosion of the dried bamboo scared away the monsters. Since then, it has become a Chinese New Year tradition.

Today, putting off firecrackers and fireworks is a large customer to have a good time the arrival of the New Year and a way to beautify the festive atmosphere.

Therefore, even though the sound of putting off firecrackers could be very loud and red paper piles up like mountains, the chinese firecrackers aren’t the simplest calm, however additionally usually want to activate firecrackers.

The records of firecrackers

Baozhu, which means “firecrackers”, is the predecessor of firecrackers. In the Tang Dynasty, the accidental discovery of gunpowder caused the discovery of firecrackers in China. It became determined that putting gunpowder into the hole of a bamboo stick after which throwing it into the fire produced a loud explosion. The first firecracker became born.


Setting off firecrackers throughout Chinese New Year is a country-wide tradition. But the timing of detonating them varies with the aid of using region. Firecrackers are famous throughout the subsequent times:

As the New Year arrives, the cacophony of fireworks all around is observed by thick smoke, the shaking of buildings, and the clamor of hundreds of vehicle sirens. In large cities, fireworks close one to 2 hours.

Before the New Year’s Eve Dinner: After the reunion dinner is made, many families will activate firecrackers and invite their ancestors to have a good time the New Year together. It’s additionally a manner to feature pleasure to the vacation season, and it brings extraordinary pleasure.

Midnight on New Year’s Day: Stay until midnight after the reunion dinner. Firecrackers and fireworks are activated in the dead of night to disperse evil spirits and have a good time with the arrival of the brand new year.

New Year’s Day morning: In a few places, families activate firecrackers earlier than the opening or going out. It symbolizes exact success in the year.

Many families do now no longer right now sweep the red paper left by firecrackers, due to the fact they consider that sweeping the ground in this day is associated with sweeping away wealth.

Lantern Festival marks the quilt of Chinese New Year celebrations. People activate firecrackers and fireworks to keep away from misfortune and produce exact success.

Other events where firecrackers are activating

Firecrackers are regularly used to have a good time at festivals or galas. There are many different events for using firecrackers, consisting of wedding ceremonies, birthday events for the elderly, greenhouse events, establishing ceremonies, etc. They are used to carry benefits and happiness.

How are firecrackers made in China?

By 900 AD, in the Tang Dynasty, Chinese alchemists had been mixing saltpeter (potassium nitrate), charcoal, and sulfur, an early shape of gunpowder. They filled it into hollowed-out bamboo skewers and roasted them with a bang.



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