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What You Need To Know About The Charmed Movie Series

Did you know that watching a movie can help reduce stress and anxiety? According to the National Library of Medicine, a good movie series with an exciting plot can help reduce anxiety, especially when a loved one is undergoing medical procedures like surgery. No show fits this category better than Charmed.

If you are a fantasy drama fanatic, you’ll enjoy watching Charmed. Need to learn more about the movie series? Keep reading.

About Charmed Series

Charmed is an American fantasy drama series designed by Constance M. Burge and produced by Spelling Television company, with Brad Kern as the showrunner. The series aired between October 7, 1998 – May 21, 2006, by the WB Television Network.

The series plot narrates three sisters – the charmed ones, also known as the most almighty good witches ever to walk on earth, who use the combined “Power of Three” to protect innocent humanity from evil supernatural beings such as warlords and demons.

The sisters have unique magical powers that evolve and grow. Although they try to live normally in modernistic San Francisco, separating their supernatural abilities while keeping them secret has become increasingly challenging.

Additionally, the trio’s magic exposure has proven troublesome by attracting negativity. For example, extreme consequences on their relationships and tons of investigations from the police and the FBI throughout the fantasy drama series.

Initially, the series focused on the Halliwell siblings, Phoebe, Prue, and Piper. Sadly, Prue dies in the third season finale, and the trio’s long lost half-sibling, Page Mathews, replaces her, filling the gap in “The Power of Three” from season four as we advance.

Casting, Main Characters, and Powers

1. Shannen Doherty plays Prue Halliwell (the eldest sister). She has the following powers:-

  • Move an object using her mind

  • Be in two places simultaneously

  • Martial art expert

2. Holly Marie Combs plays Piper Halliwell (second eldest sibling). She can:-

  • Freeze her immediate environment

  • Cause objects or evil villains to explode

3. Alyssa Milano plays Phoebe Halliwell (third eldest sibling). She can:-

  • See into the past and future

  • Martial art expert

  • Posses empathy and levitation powers

4. Rose McGowan plays Paige Matthews (youngest half-sister). She can:-

  • Teleport objects with her mind

  • Orbit others and herself

  • Heal, sense and glamour

Charmed Is Worth Your Time


The Charmed movie series’ first episode garnered about 7.7 million views, smashing WB’s record for the top-rated debut episode. For this reason, the series is worthy of your attention. Although Brad Kern (executive producer) revealed they had to make some budget cuts, the show still boasts several nominations and awards, including one TV Guide Award and three Teen Choice Awards.



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