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What Methodology Should I Include In Dissertation?

We know choosing the right methodology for your research is the most challenging task for students. This is one area that you cannot miss at any cost. For any successful research, proper planning and implementation are as important as writing the research itself. You cannot just ask someone to write my dissertation if you are unaware of everything that happens behind the scenes. You have to check all the aspects, factors, and reasons that can help you choose a perfect methodology. Your one wrong move and boom! Everything is ruined. Therefore, it is important to come out of this confusion soon. organize information, check the data collection techniques that will go in, and then see what methodology can perfectly underpin your research.

In the following part of this article, we have all the steps that you must pay heed to in order to find the best methods to pursue your studies.

So, let’s get started . . .

Focus On Your Research Question And The Objectives Of Your Studies 

It’s vital to sketch a roadmap toward conclusive results before stressing about conclusions. Therefore, before you decide how to explore and what to explore, First, you have to have a clear understanding of what you want to explore. Most importantly, figure out which factors need to be examined in order to answer your research question. If you stick to your roadmap, also known as the blueprint of your study, you’ll soon find out what methodologies you want to pursue.

Find A Well-Applied Approach 

Since there are several different techniques to conduct your research, not all of them will be suitable for your study. Therefore, finding out an applicable approach is suggested. If you are unaware of strategies adopted by all other researchers in your field, selecting the ideal research methodology can get challenging. Therefore, it is essential to read and assess relevant literature and then decide what method is ideal for your study.

Learn And Learn More About The Chosen Methodology

Once you have found the relevant approach for your study, you will have an idea of what methodologies you want to go with. Now don’t puzzle your mind and read about these methods. If you are planning to go with a qualitative study, check out the limitations and restrictions. Take note of all the information plus data that you will need. Not only this, check out the time your study with your selected method will take, check out your target audience, data collection techniques, and all other resources that you need to pursue this method. When you have a clear-cut idea of everything, you won’t wander and find your final route soon.

Make A Rough Draft Of the Methodology Section And Get It Reviewed 

By this time, you are sure of your methodology. Now it’s time to bring your methods into action. I ask my readers and clients to make a rough draft of their methodologies. All you have to do is draw a rough sketch exactly as you will do in your dissertation. Talk about the method, the reason you have selected for your research, and the techniques that went in. Later ask your senior or any scholar to check this section. Even I do the same when someone asks me to write my dissertation. There will be two outcomes of this practice. Either the reader will suggest some edits or will show a green flag, which means the research methodology is good to go with.

Now, it’s time to know about different research methodologies Including the basis and foundations they are selected for. . . 

  1. Qualitative Research 

The non-numerical inquiry of any research problem is mostly referred to as qualitative research. Qualitative research is the go-to research type when information or data cannot be comprehended in terms of numbers or numeric. In other words, you can say, qualitative studies are more about words, descriptions, concepts, ideas, beliefs, and other intangible resources.

The qualitative methodology often has open-ended questions that are mostly used to receive textual data. Also, the data analysis tricks used in qualitative research are not as exact and straightforward as in quantitative research. However, complex and thorough reasoning is required for better understanding.

  1. Quantitative Research 

As the name depicts, quantitative research is all about numbers and quantities. Data is collected in the form of numerical whenever quantitative methodology is used and the conclusion is derived from the same. In quantitative research, graphs also come to the rescue and help to quantify the findings. Quantitative analysis is based solely on numerical and statistical information. It collects data and confirms theories or hypotheses already in place.

Closed-ended questions are more effective when gathering quantitative data. In this type of research, the sample size is bigger than qualitative. The data collection techniques used in quantitative research is more on point and straightforward than the same in qualitative research.

  1. Mixed-Method Research 

The mixed-method approach, as the name says, incorporates components of both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. It uses qualitative research to investigate a problem and generate a prospective model of knowledge, often known as a conceptual framework. This information then is subsequently empirically tested using quantitative methodologies.

The mixed-methods methodology, by combining the two, helps to provide a more thorough and comprehensive vision than either a quantitative or qualitative study alone.

Mixed methods research is more adaptable since it is not bound by pre-existing research paradigms. As a result, there is greater flexibility when it comes to working with a mix-method methodology. This approach gives out the most informative data.

Due to its nature, it benefits the researcher of all types of data. Now be it the contextualized and circumstantial data or generalized and accurately valid.


Reading this thorough guide, now I guess you must have understood what methodology you need to use for your dissertation. Even if you are asking someone to write my dissertation, don’t miss out on this important part. When your planning, methods, and executions, everything is correct, no one can stop you from writing an excellent dissertation.



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