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What Are Fire Curtains And How Can They Help In A Fire?

You can never be enough prepared when it comes to protecting yourself and your property from a fire. It’s a good thing there are things like fire curtains to help. So what are fire curtains? They are unique barriers installed in buildings to stop the spread of fire and smoke. A fire curtain is a type of fire barrier designed to automatically deploy in the event of a fire to seal off an area and prevent the spread of fire.

Fire curtains are typically installed in building openings such as doorways, atriums, and stairwells and are an essential component of a building’s fire safety system. They are usually integrated with the building’s fire alarm and sprinkler systems to ensure rapid deployment during a fire. Deploying fire curtains can help protect people, property, and the environment by preventing the spread of fire, smoke, and heat.

How Do Fire Curtains Prevent The Spread Of Flames?

So these fire curtains drop in the event of a fire for safer exits. But how? And does that mean the curtains can drop off their own will? No, the curtain will not come out of the headbox until a sensor or fire alarm system gives it a green signal it is safe to. Say you just lost the power? Thankfully, the fire curtain can be opened at a consistent rate even if the power is out, with nothing but gravity.

They are designed to deploy rapidly and efficiently to create a barrier against the spread of fire. For an overall protection, fire curtains are usually linked to the building’s fire alarm and sprinkler systems. This way, fire curtains can be an asset to protect life and property from the devastation of fire.

What Exactly Is A Fire Curtain Made Of?

As common sense dictates, fire curtains are constructed from fireproof materials like metal or fireproof fabric to prevent the spread of fire. Most fire curtains are made from fireproof fabrics like E-glass and fiberglass.

The purpose of metal fire curtains is to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and heat within a building. These curtains are typically made of steel or aluminum. Fabrics resistant to fire are usually woven from heat-resistant fibers like fiberglass. These fabrics are made to react to heat by expanding and forming a barrier that keeps fire and smoke contained.

The materials used to make fire curtains depend on the building codes and the level of fire protection needed.

Where Can They Be Installed?

Fire-resistant curtains serve three main functions in a building. These are:

  • containing the fire’s initial spread,
  • extinguishing it before it can spread,
  • and protecting the exits.

A more free-flowing layout could enhance many different types of classroom arrangements. For example, every school must have adequate facilities, such as gyms, theatres, auditoriums, large lecture halls, and cafeterias. Installing fire curtains in wall-free zones like elevator lobbies helps contain fire and smoke from spreading through these exits.

About Fire Safety Regulations

According to research conducted by the A1S Group, fire curtain installations successfully met the standards set forth by national fire protection agencies. In addition, it is easy to achieve the necessary performance and classification levels. As a result, putting up fire curtains is your best bet for getting approved for safety regulations and feeling safe in your space.


A fire curtain is a low-cost and easy way to meet the fire safety requirements of your workplace. Safety from fire hazards is paramount in the workplace. The best-laid plans don’t always prevent fires from starting, but at least the damage they cause can be mitigated with fire curtains.

Since fire curtains rarely need to be replaced or repaired, you only need to buy them once. This benefit is due to the durability and longevity of fire curtains. Buying fire curtains is a risk-free financial move.

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