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Vape Batteries: Maintenance and Safety Tips

Australia is the land of marsupials. The continental country is famous for its ferocious wild animals and intense wilderness. Besides, the climate conditions in the Land Down Under are also extreme.

Vape chargers generally have in-built chargers that hold a certain amount of battery life. Vape chargers are small chargers that are used for electronic cigarettes. Nitecore in Australia is available from 9$ to 25$, which is pretty easily affordable. Vape chargers can be used for disposable batteries and pen-style batteries. 

The compartments used to place the batteries in the chargers are called mods. These intelligent chargers come with sensors that can instantly activate the battery. These chargers for vape batteries are very convenient as they allow you to control the battery life. And below are a few quick points to keep in mind about batteries before buying chargers. 

Australian smart Batteries are available in two varieties, both manual and automated. And these two categories can be broadly differentiated in this manner: 


  • Highly convenient to use. 
  • It looks more like regular cigarettes. 
  • Quick charging capacity. 
  • There may be slight difficulty in puffing and inhaling. 


  • It hits the throat at a high rate creating large puffs. 
  • The battery life is more compared to automatic batteries. 
  • It can be easily operated by clicking buttons. 

Variable Batteries and Mods 

Vision spinners are one-of-a-kind wattage batteries that are easily fixable to vape chargers. These batteries have better features than manual batteries. The wattage power can be adjusted as per convenience with easy control systems. Also, variable wattage batteries are readily available online and offline in the country. And Smok Morph 2 batteries are better options with great features. 

Voltage and Capacities 

It is essential to understand the different terminologies in detail, like the concept of battery life being separate when linked to voltage and batteries. Battery voltage is usually calculated in milliamp hours, and Nitecore in Australia has essential voltages starting from 12 volts in great demand. The coil used in these batteries also matters a lot to measure the voltage rating; the higher it is rating, the more will be its battery life. 

Expecting Battery Life

The battery life varies as per the usage of the devices, and it can sustain if the frequency of the inhales is less. It is also necessary to know the exact period that these batteries need to be charged. Meanwhile, smart chargers have multiple settings that make it quite challenging to measure battery sustainability. So the better way to save battery life will be to purchase premium voltage batteries for convenience. 

Ways to Increase Battery Life

  • The best way is to store the batteries in cool places if it has to be kept for a long time. 
  • Make sure to use the batteries regularly.
  • Do not let it completely drain; try to charge it as the percentage decreases. 
  • At the same time, make sure the batteries are not overcharged. 
  • Charge the batteries once in a while. 
  • Take complete care of the batteries if it is taken along for travelling. 
  • It is always better to turn off the device when not in use. 

Battery Elements 

Batteries are made of lithium ions that can generate power at reasonable rates irrespective of the size of these batteries. But lithium agents can be risky as they can explode if not safely maintained. Apart from lithium, these batteries contain sodium and potassium, which are flammable. Explosions of batteries are the most common accidents which can be avoided. 

Battery Compartments 

In many cases, batteries do not work efficiently if the terminals in the chargers are not kept clean. So, it is advised to keep the terminals clean before placing the batteries. Ensure also to check cartridges and tank threads while maintaining the batteries to charge, and remove the batteries from the terminals if it gets overheated. 

Smart chargers are the future of the vape industry products. These advanced tools modify lifestyles in a way where that eliminates challenges. Hence, to use these products, it is essential to know their characteristics for safe usage.



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