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Using Energy-Efficient LED Lighting at Construction Sites Increases Productivity

The working environment on a construction site is fraught with a number of risks to the life and limbs of the workers. Dealing with such risks is a priority for any construction company to ensure smooth operations.

The health and safety of personnel working at a construction site depend among other things, on how well they can see everything around them.

The inventory of a construction business is spread around all over the site as a great many things are moved continuously all over the worksite.

It needs to be noted here that the largest number of accidental fatalities at construction sites are caused by objects falling on workers.

Many a time this is caused by the absence of adequate construction string lights and other forms of site illumination, which can easily be avoided by the use of proper and adequate lighting.

One very important aspect of any lighting infrastructure aside from components like lamps, masts, and towers are accessories like plugs, connectors, receptacles, and cords among others.

Depending on the kind of site structures you have or are going to have, you need to deploy good quality temporary lighting as per the requirement.

Here it becomes important to realize what kind of illumination is important as well as adequate in a construction site since you won’t have any ready-reckoner for guidelines.

Therefore, choose the temporary lighting for your site after doing some hands-on research on your own and based on your own knowledge and experience of illumination needs on a construction site.

No worthwhile research on illumination at construction sites

It is somewhat strange as well as unfortunate that the illumination of construction sites has not been able to become the subject of any operations research so far.

Consequently, there are no ready outlines let alone guidelines for site managers to refer to as far as the illumination of the site is concerned.

Today, more often than not, site lighting is given priority by managers on the basis of their understanding and appreciation of the illumination requirements of their respective sites.

Whatever level of lighting they choose eventually should at least have the necessary quality standards to ensure the smooth progress of work.

The other important thing to remember is that quality equipment and components need accessories like NEMA 5 15 that can be the right match for optimum performance.

Impossible to run 24/7 operations without adequate lighting

Most construction projects come with tight deadlines and clients have several options to choose from the construction companies competing for projects.

Failure to complete projects on time can lead to penalties that can disrupt the profit projections of work you are doing, which in turn can trigger cash flow volatility in your books of accounts.

Among other things, you cannot afford to have poor equipment, components, or accessories affecting your performance in a project.

Use of top-quality accessories like NEMA 14-30 generator power extension cord and many others ensure that your site lighting runs without any hassles.

It, therefore, becomes important where you source your accessories from. When you get it from brands like Duraline, you get the natural advantage of quality and durability, which is critical for tough environments like a construction site.



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