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Turkey Visa Application Process

If you’re planning to visit Turkey, you’ll need to apply for a Turkey visa if you are not already eligible to enter Turkey on an e-visa or if you do not have the appropriate documents in your passport. There are two types of visitor visas available from Turkish embassies and consulates around the world, depending on where you’re planning to visit within Turkey. The type of visa you need depends on where you’re going within Turkey, so make sure you have this information before applying for your TURKEY VISA APPLICATION PROCESS.


ROUTINE, SPECIAL, OR EXPRESS VISA. Turkey visa applications are classified into Routine, Special, and Express services. The Routine service normally takes 2 to 4 weeks to process and gives you an authorization number that allows you to apply for a short-stay visa at any Turkish border or seaport upon arrival in TURKEY VISA ONLINE APPLICATION. The Special service takes approximately 8-10 days to process and requires you to apply for a short-stay visa at a Turkish Embassy before your departure from your home country.


You can apply for a Turkey visa either at a Turkish Embassy or Consulate-General in your country of residence or via an authorized online travel agency (OTA). If you opt for applying through an OTA, they will take care of your application process and any further procedures required. If you choose to apply directly to a Turkish embassy or consulate, on arrival in Turkey all applications are processed centrally in Ankara. Thus, you’ll be required to travel there again to pick up your completed visa.


With one step left to complete, you must now gather all of the documents that are required to apply for a Turkey visa. If you don’t already have them in hand, they can be requested from any Turkish embassy or consulate office worldwide. To make things easier, we have also created a comprehensive list of all documents required to apply for a Turkey visa, which can be found here. The most commonly missing document is proof of residence (Eg: a recent bank statement). We recommend having at least 1-2 copies made before applying for your visa just in case any extra copies are needed for urgent situations. Please note that biometric information must be included with your application submission and will not be added at a later date if it is missing from your submitted documents.


To visit Turkey, you’ll need to be accompanied by a licensed tour guide who can show you around and help you get your paperwork in order. The type of tour guide needed for Turkey will depend on what you want to do. If you’re there just for tourism or visiting friends or family, a regular tour guide should suffice; however, if your plans include hiking or rock climbing—or any other activities that are considered adventure travel—you’ll likely need an adventure travel specialist. This is especially true if you plan on traveling off-the-beaten-path in eastern Anatolia; a general tour guide might not have experience with these types of excursions, which require additional training and skillsets.


Pay for your visa using a credit card or PayPal. After submitting your application, you will receive an order confirmation by email. Check your order details to make sure they are correct before clicking Pay Now to complete your payment. Your status will appear as Complete in a few minutes. A confirmation email is sent once it is complete, so please check that inbox too if you don’t see it immediately on our website. We do not share any personal information with 3rd parties and we do not store any sensitive data like credit card numbers or passwords on our systems – all payments are processed through SSL encrypted gateways. If you want to contact us directly after ordering, please use our Contact Form – we’ll get back to you within one business day at most!


Now that you have a valid passport and all required documents, it is time to make your e-visa application. Log on to and click apply now button. Make sure to read over all of your information before submitting your application to make sure it is complete and accurate. Once you are ready, click I agree with all above Terms & Conditions then click Apply Now on the right side of the page. You will need a credit card, so please be prepared before beginning your application process.

E-Visa Approval & Payment

At last, you get a confirmation e-mail of your application and an invoice for fees. Your payment must be done online. After payment, you will receive your visa electronically or through the DHL courier service (depending on which service you chose). Passport/e-Visa is valid to enter Turkey 30 days from the day of issue. You can also extend your stay another 30 days at a Turkish local police station after entry. This is not a visa extension, it’s only an extension of stay. If you plan to visit other countries with your electronic visa don’t forget to apply for multiple entries! The fee for Multiple Entry is extra and varies by country.


As soon as you have your Turkish e-visas in hand, it’s time to book your flights. The cheapest route is flying into Istanbul (Asia side) and out of Istanbul (Europe side). The best way to find a cheap flight is with Skyscanner. This will search dozens of airlines and find you exactly what you’re looking for. Another option for cheaper flights is using Google Flights, which can help make sure you’re getting a good deal. In either case, go ahead and plan your flights around 30 days in advance from when you want to enter Turkey. This will give plenty of time for any stops or delays that might come up during your journey!



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