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Things to Consider When Choosing a Video Downloader

Watching online videos on various social media and video streaming platforms has become an inevitable part of everyday life. As a result, most people spend a significant amount of time from their online hours watching videos from multiple websites. In addition, the e-learning culture has also augmented the demand for videos.

Many academic institutes and websites have started uploading tutorials in the form of visuals to ease students and professionals who want to learn new subjects and skills. However, this entire video-watching activity is possible with solid internet connectivity. Otherwise, you can expect a lot of buffering while watching videos or a complete inability to do so.

Your desire to watch funny videos, live streams, tutorials, skits, and motivational speeches will be put to a standstill because of a poor internet connection. The only way to avoid such a scenario is to save videos on your device for offline usage. Of course, you need a video downloader for this purpose, but it is essential to keep a few things in mind before looking for one.

We have gathered some details about the aspects you need to consider while choosing a video downloader in this writing. Further details are given below:

Exceptional UI

The first and foremost thing you need to consider while choosing a video downloader is the UI (User Interface) it offers. Poor UI that is difficult to understand means the inability of the user to use the tool or app properly. It also impacts the user experience; no one wants to have a bad experience while using a tool or app. Therefore, you also need to ensure that the downloader you choose offers an exceptional UI that is easy to understand and keeps you away from the hassle of ads.

Ability to Download Videos in the Same Quality

Another important thing worth considering is the ability of the video downloader to download videos on the same quality. Many downloaders fail to save videos on the device from websites of the same quality, which ultimately affects the watching experience of users. Hence, you need to ensure that the tool you are choosing to download online videos is capable of downloading videos of the same quality. Many efficient downloaders allow users to select the video quality before saving videos on the device.

Expenses to Use the Downloader

Some users pay hefty subscription charges or purchase fees to use a tool and download video for offline usage. However, it is not necessary to add to your expenses by paying for the use of a downloader. If you search online, you will find numerous video downloaders that allow you to download videos from various websites without paying a single dime. You need to find a free video downloader that offers excellent UI, the ability to download videos of the same quality, and compatibility with various devices, and you are good to go. 

Single-Click Download

Nobody has a lot of time to wait for several minutes to download video with a duration of a few minutes. Unfortunately, many tools disappoint users with loads of ads as soon as they touch the download button and forcefully make them watch those videos to start the download process. This whole practice ultimately affects the user experience. The best way to avoid the hassle of ads is to choose a video downloader that offers a single-click download without displaying ads.

Compatibility with Multiple Devices

Generally, users try to use an app to download online videos. However, the downloaders that come in the form of an app are only compatible with a particular kind of device. Additionally, a majority of users use smartphones to watch videos. Hence, if you have chosen a downloader that supports Windows OS devices, it will be a headache to save videos on the device and then transfer them to smartphones. Therefore, you must ensure that the video downloader you have chosen is accessible from all devices, including iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows OS devices.

Need for Installation

It is observed that smartphone users mostly run on a shortage of storage space on their devices. Installing an app that allows you to download videos in such a scenario adds to the existing trouble. Moreover, these apps also force you to download supporting apps, such as installing a media player to play the videos saved offline by the video downloader app. Therefore, you need to find a downloader that protects you from installation hassle. Therefore, we suggest you look for an online video downloader that requires no installation.

Putting it Together

We consider a lot of things when choosing a simple grocery item for our use, then why not the video downloader? There is a lot to consider when it comes to selecting a tool to be used for downloading videos. We have discussed the aspects you need to keep in mind while choosing a downloader above. Hopefully, you will understand the discussion and choose the downloader accordingly.



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