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The “Stop and Start” Method of Taking Kratom in Montana

Kratom is not your regular herb. You must take it with care. Time and again, experts warn people to not go beyond the recommended dose limit.

Yet, there are people who take exceptionally high doses of kratom. Consequently, they get side effects. Some develop a high tolerance to the point that they, no longer, feel the effects!

How to keep the charm of kratom usage?

Once you develop tolerance, the charm of taking this herb vanishes. It does not matter now, whether you take kratom for energy or relaxation. You must increase the dose every time. You subject yourselves to the harmful effects of the herb.

Every herb on the earth produces side effects when taken in excessive amounts. Somebody has rightly said, “everything in excess is poison.”

So, when you take kratom in doses higher than 10 or 12 grams, you are turning this beautiful herb into poison for you.

According to experts, the best way to keep the charm of kratom dosage is to take it in small doses. This holds true for beginners and for long-time users.

It is natural to develop tolerance as you increase the dose over time.

The “stop and start” way to combat tolerance

One of the best ways is to go kratom free for a few days and then come back to this herb.

Another way is to try a new strain. Suppose you have a habit of taking kratom capsules of white strain. Lately, you feel you are not getting the desired effect with the same number of capsules.

Instead of increasing the dose, stop taking kratom.

After two days, take red kratom instead of your usual white. Start with the smallest dose, mind you. Try Red Bali Kratom Powder.

Take this strain in the evening and watch the effects envelope you.

Use this strain for a few days.

Then, come back to your white strain. During this time, stop using red strain.

This “stop and start” method of taking kratom keeps your brain receptors excited.

You will love this way of taking kratom too. It keeps up with the thrill of your kratom ritual. Otherwise, you may feel bored taking the same capsules every day at the same time.

Take kratom differently

If you were taking kratom mixed in a smoothie or with some light snack, stop. Go kratom free for a day or two. Now take it on an empty stomach. According to users, kratom on an empty stomach gives the maximum effect.

Please see if kratom suits you on an empty stomach. Many users report that kratom does not suit them this way.

If it does, then you can use it this way. Taking kratom in Montana in different ways also keeps up with the excitement of using this herb.

Purity of kratom

Some people who report kratom not working well for them might want to check on its quality.

Search for “kratom shop near me” to get the purest kratom. Contact only licensed vendors. Please avoid going to any vendor who claims to sell this herb.



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