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The Definitive Guide To Finding Authentic Thai Restaurants In Windsor.

Every restaurant has its history, meaning, and style. They also have their influences from faraway places that make them unique. There are currently over six Thai restaurants in Windsor, each offering a unique culinary experience. Their diversity and robust taste make them a perfect match for anyone. Whether vegetarian, vegan or have a particular dietary need,  everyone can find a unique tasting experience of thai in Windsor.

What Makes Thai Food Authentic?

Authentic thai in Windsor can be understandably challenging to find, but with a bit of research, it’s definitely worth the effort. Here are a few factors that make Thai food authentic:

  1. A Commitment to Authenticity

Thai food is often intensely flavourful and complex, which is why it’s so important to make sure the restaurant is committed to authenticity. Many restaurants in Windsor try to emulate traditional Thai dishes, but without the underlying flavour and complexity that makes them truly special. If the restaurant doesn’t have a specific focus on authentic Thai cuisine, beware – the meal may not be as satisfying as it could be.

  1. Use of Local Ingredients

Like in any other cuisine, ingredients play a significant role in determining how authentic a Thai dish will be. Often, local ingredients are used to replicate the flavours and textures of traditional Thai dishes. This means likely to find more exotic and unique tastes when dining at a restaurant that focuses on authenticity. If the restaurant only uses pre-packaged or commercially available Thai ingredients, it’s not likely to be authentic.

A Brief History Of Thai Food:

What is now considered ‘authentic’ Thai food can be traced back to the royal court in Bangkok, where chefs developed a cuisine based on traditional ingredients and spices. Today, there are plenty of Thai restaurants in Windsor – both traditional and contemporary – that will offer a delicious, authentic meal. Here are a few practical tips for finding the perfect restaurant:

  1. Look for a restaurant with a local following. If looking for an authentic Thai experience, it’s essential to patronize a restaurant that has been around for a while. A good indicator is if the restaurant has positive reviews from other Windsor residents.
  2. Ask around. Ask friends or family which restaurants they think are worth checking out.
  3. Eat early or late. Many restaurants in Windsor serve their best food at certain times of the day. Try out the daily specials menu.

Tips for Ordering at a Thai Restaurant:

  1. Know the basics of Thai cuisine. Thai food is based on a wide variety of spicy flavours and textures, so it’s important to order something that will suit your taste. If not familiar with Thai food, ask the server for help selecting an item.
  2. Choose items that are cooked fresh. Many Thai restaurants prepare their food using fresh ingredients, so try to choose items that have been grilled, stir-fried, or baked rather than items that have been boiled or fried.
  3. Ask about condiments and spices. Many Thai restaurants offer a variety of condiments and spices to add as desired to the meal. Ask the server what options are available before making a selection.


If looking for authentic Thai food in Windsor, the best bet is to check out a few local restaurants. There are plenty of options available, so it’s easy to find something that will satisfy cravings. Whether looking for a quick meal or something more substantial, there’s sure to be a restaurant that meets your needs.



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