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Linear Motion Products by Progressive Automations

Linear Motion Products manufactured by Progressive Automations are highly demanded and of excellent quality. The company is an expert in automating different things and continues at the same time to create and distribute both linear actuators and control products for motion elements. They plan to spread more and develop to give people not only linear actuators for industrial and home automation but also to construct interesting products with simple control.

Progressive Automation strives to meet the demands of various people and let them carry out their projects with precise customization. There are linear actuators of any size, load capacity, and the rest of the essential specifics. The linear products provided by Progressive Automations give people more solutions on how to improve their lives and simplify regular activities.

These products are major elements in the core part of certain machines. Typically they are incorporated in special machines, manufacturing equipment, or applied to realize DIY home projects and home automation ideas.

Progressive Automation offers currently the following list of linear motion products:

  • Adjustable Standing Desks,
  • Lifting columns,
  • TV Lifts,
  • Automated Bed Frames,
  • Control Systems and Accessories.

All of them have diverse models to try and their peculiar specifics when using. Read further to discover interesting things about them.

Adjustable Standing Desk As One of the Linear Motion Products

The smart desk is designed to arrange a comfortable work space taking into account your needs. The electric lifting mechanism ensures the height adjustment of the tabletop, so such a table will be convenient for people of different heights and different age categories. Changing the position of the tabletop is carried out using a convenient control panel, which allows you to “memorize” several height levels and choose a convenient position in the future with ne push of a button.

The stability of the structure and the smooth change in height are ensured by the operation of two independent electric drives. The design of the table is characterized by excellent stability in the highest position. Also, the electric mechanism is equipped with special protection to prevent sharp collisions of the tabletop with random objects during up/down movement.

The process of assembling the table is quite simple and fast, so you can do it yourself, even though there is a manual. Complete with an electric lifting mechanism, we offer you to purchase of a worktop, the material, and the color of which you can choose on the manufacturer’s website. In addition, you can order additional convenient accessories for the desk.

Lifting Columns as a separate product

If you have some of your favorite tabletops, you like so much and do not want to replace, this is your choice. You can give a second life to it if you add special lifting columns. Yes, you can do it yourself just by having the simplest tech knowledge. Depending on the surface width and form of the tabletop, you can choose two or three lifting columns to make your desk automated. It will allow you to make your desk automated and ergonomic for your needs.

TV Lifts to Hide Your Television Screen

Progressive motorized TV and monitor lifts are a versatile and elegant solution for repositioning (open/hide) a TV in a cabinet, ceiling, or wall. The use of such mechanisms is justified when space in the interior, aesthetics, and safety of technology are important.

With the help of elevators, you can also hide items such as a minibar, a projector inside a cabinet, a home safe, an archive, etc.

Another feature of these lifts with actuators is the telescoping design, which ensures a small footprint, making it easy to integrate into any project.

Automated Bed Frames to Improve Your Sleep

For those who prefer to keep up with the times, choosing only the most comfortable, innovative, orthopedic bed, manufacturers offer adjustable massage bed bases. Their main advantage is the ability to fine-tune for a specific person, taking into account the wishes and state of health.

The multifunctional base allows you to constantly change the position, and angle of inclination of the footboard, and headboard. Using the remote control, without applying physical effort, the user will be able to transform the surface depending on the goals (sleeping, reading, watching TV, etc.) and turn on the massage function.

The design does not have a rigid frame, which allows you to install it on any existing furniture. It is only necessary to choose the right size, and provide the mechanism with good support to avoid deflection. For a large bed, it is better to use frames on slats.

Control Systems and Accessories

In order to control all these linear motion products, you will need appropriate control systems and extra accessories to enjoy a comfortable life. Before choosing the necessary control panel, you need to consider the following points:

  • Wired or wireless options,
  • 12 & 24 VDC Compatibility,
  • A visual design you find eligible.

Progressive Automations has several variants for you to choose from. It is recommended to learn more about their control boxes for linear actuators, rocker switches/joysticks, remote controls (for table lifts), relays and control modules. All these products are available on the official website. So you can read more about them and receive the necessary consultation for a better option.

Speaking about the accessories they offer for customers, first of all, most of them are perfect for your convenient workstation with an adjustable desk. Here you will find monitor stands for your computer, power solutions, desk grommets, special hidden drawers, and other interesting things you can apply.

Using the products with linear motion will guarantee absolute comfort,  smooth and seamless work. The construction itself is durable and robust due to its high-quality material use. Just take some time to understand what you really want to change in your home or office, to select the appropriate linear actuators or ready-made products with them. These products will change your general view about many regular things and activities and give you a chance to enjoy innovative solutions to your advantage. Linear motion products manufactured by Progressive Automations are worth trying.



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