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Indian Tourist Visa Online Form: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I’m planning on traveling to India soon, and I’m wondering if I can apply for my Indian tourist visa online? Am I allowed to stay in India on my tourist visa for more than the allotted time? Will I be able to extend my stay in India? What do I need to bring with me when I apply for my Indian tourist visa? These are just some of the questions you may have about the application process, so let’s answer them all here.

What is an e-Tourist Visa?

An e-Tourist Visa is a type of electronic visa (e-Visa) that allows eligible foreign nationals to travel to India without having to obtain a physical visa. These visas can be issued in 2 ways, either via an online application or by applying through a diplomatic representative (i.e., embassy or consulate). The former is self-service, while the latter requires someone from an Indian government office in person; both have their advantages and disadvantages. An e-Tourist Visa allows you entry into India for up to 60 days for vacation/leisure purposes. Indian Tourist Visa Online Form

Who can apply for an e-Tourist visa?

Anyone who has an Indian passport and a return ticket can apply for an e-Tourist visa. The purpose of your trip should be holiday/leisure, visiting friends or relatives, casual business visits, medical treatment, or short-duration study. Your journey should be from one specified port of entry into India and only one port of exit from India during your stay. Persons traveling on pilgrimage/visiting religious shrines will not be eligible for an e-Tourist visa. You may also apply for a multiple entry visa if you intend to re-enter India within 90 days. Multiple entry visas are valid for 6 months, whereas single-entry visas are valid for up to 30 days (duration varies based on nationality). If you wish to travel beyond 30 days in India, multiple entries are recommended.

Do I need to fill out the form manually or online?

Both methods are acceptable. While our online application form is free and allows you to save your progress, we do allow manual applications for those who prefer filling out forms by hand. The Indian visa process can be confusing. With that in mind, please visit our India Visa FAQ page for answers to your questions. We’re more than happy to answer any specific questions not answered on that page!

How long does it take for me to get my visa after applying online?

While it varies depending on how many people are applying for Indian visas at any given time, we estimate that you should receive your visa within two weeks of submitting your application online. Please note that during high-traffic periods (such as when India is hosting a major event or holiday), processing times may be slightly longer than usual. For more information, please see our Indian tourist visa FAQ page. If you have not received your visa within two weeks of applying online, please contact us by email or phone.

Is there any cost involved in getting an e-Tourist visa online?

No, getting an e-Tourist visa is completely free. Your details are needed only for verification purposes. Complete information about your visit is not required at the time of submission. However, you will be requested to submit additional details when you check-in for your travel at an Indian airport or port of entry. The Immigration Officer may call for a personal interview during which you will be required to furnish your personal particulars as asked by him/her. You may also be required to furnish supporting documents such as hotel reservations, flight tickets, etc., depending on your purpose of visit. It is advisable that you carry a copy of the proof of application along with other necessary documents while traveling in India and present it whenever called upon by Indian authorities.



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