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Importance of Mental Health: Awareness in Schools

One of the most crucial things to talk about in recent times is mental health. Do you know what’s the best place to start mental health awareness? It’s the school. A report from the World Health Organization states that about 20% or one in every five students are an active dealer of mental health complications. Mental health is as important as physical health and creates an impact on your overall well-being. With the increasing complication of mental health in the current times and many students being a victim of it, raising awareness in the said matter is the need of the hour. 


There could be various reasons behind the occurrence of mental health issues like drug abuse, work productivity, educational results, and so on. There could be some steps to create awareness concerning the issue and promote mental health awareness in schools. This article will focus on this segment. 


What Could be the Outcome of Poor Mental Health? 


Before moving into that section, let’s have a glance at how mental health adversaries can invite severe consequences. 


  • Mental health illness might lead to several social problems like unemployment, an increase in crime rates, and abuse. 


  • Medically unfit individuals who are suffering from depression, have an adverse outcome at work. 
  • Chronic problems such as diabetes, cancers, and heart disease can increase the risk of depression.
  • Mental health issues might also be a contributing factor in improper immune functioning. 

How to Promote Mental Health Awareness in Schools? 


The section that follows indicates some of the effective ways that could be adopted to encourage mental health awareness across the schools. 


Enhancing Self-esteem: The first step to creating mental health awareness is to boost the self-esteem of the students. The teachers play their role here and help candidates come out of their imagination and encourage them to speak out loud. They assist them to know that rather than keeping the conflict inside, it’s always better to confess what’s going on inside. 


Boosting Self-confidence: Another critical segment in the mental health awareness method is helping the candidates to boost their self-confidence. Teachers encourage students to be self-determined and impart the value of assertiveness and perseverance to them. Moreover, students master the art of good decision-making during their school while working on a critical project or while in a difficult situation. This helps to enhance their self-confidence which is an integral part of the mental health awareness process. 


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A Secure and Positive School Environment: Since school plays a crucial part in nurturing the students within an environment free of mental health complications, it’s important to build up a school ambiance that’s filled with positivity. The learning and playing environment at school should be safe and the school must ensure the students find comfort while in them. Also, appreciating the students when they show an act of kindness like helping a fellow mate, can create an assertive atmosphere in the class. 


Encourage Decent Social Time: A good social time is necessary for the students to refresh their minds and get back to academics. Encouraging good social time in schools where students can take a break from the study curriculum and have a conversation with their friends, can help them interact and communicate better and stay energized throughout. They can talk about their current favorites, hobbies, and so on and eventually form a bond with others. 


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To Sum Up


Talking about mental health is a need of the hour as many individuals suffer through this unfortunate phase. But, thanks to the rapid technological evolution, that has opened up the doors to various resources and platforms. 


Seeing a doctor when you’re not at the best of your mental health is recommended as it can guide you through the right process. Talking to friends, music, and doing your favorite work is good. But when the situation starts getting a bit messy, reaching out to a therapist is required. 




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