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How to Create a 3D Logo: Tips and Examples

The popularity of 3D logos is on the rise in the world of graphic design. Unlike 2D emblems, 3D logos offer dynamic and attractive designs that can make even the simplest idea stand out. In this article, we will discuss how you can create a 3D logo using the Turbologo online service and other popular programs.

What is a 3D Logo?

A 3D logo is an emblem with a volume effect that is created by applying penumbra and playing with dark and light shades. Even non-designers can create 3D logos online for free by choosing a color, style, and using provided tools. Artificial intelligence does the rest, and you can have the perfect 3D logo in just a few minutes.

The main advantage of a 3D logo is its exceptional appearance, which mesmorizes the audience with its “zest.” Companies worldwide, regardless of the field they operate in, have embraced 3D logos.

How to Create a 3D Logo


If you want your logo to stand out, try looking at it in 3D. Before creating your 3D logo, think about what message it should convey. A 3D logo is perfect for companies that want something more to tell their brand story. Many IT brands choose this logo as the presence of complex details suggests that the scope of their activities is much wider than it seems. Additionally, three-dimensional logos attract more attention from consumers and are remembered faster than their usual counterparts.

Long Shadow

Shadows are the elements that create the effect of volume on a 3D logo. Even with the help of a tiny shadow, you can create volume. You can also create a floating effect by leaving enough space between the object and its shadow. However, artists advise against relying on shadows alone to make a drawing three-dimensional.


Corners enhance volume, which is the main feature of 3D logos. Explore the influence of different angles to create an attractive and interesting sign. Search engines yield a plethora of examples of professional 3D logos, which you can learn from to create your own.

How to Create a 3D Logo Online

There are several ways to get a 3D logo, including hiring a designer. However, visions of the brand concept for specialists and clients may differ, leading to unsatisfactory results for the latter. Thus, creating a brand logo using an online service is the best option.

Design Free Logo Online and Turbologo are two popular services that allow users to develop 3D logos for any company in minutes. You only need to enter the name of your company and choose the design elements such as font style and color. Design Free Logo Online has an extensive library with ready-made templates, and once you’ve completed the design, the service will deliver your logo via email within a few hours.

For Turbologo, their designer helps you create your corporate logo within mere minutes. Their gallery of templates also features 3D logo mockups.

You can also opt to use graphic programs like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, but it requires specialized skills and knowledge.

That’s all! With these tips and resources, creating a unique and attractive 3D logo is now within reach. Good luck!



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