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How Google Celebrated Pacman 30th Anniversary?

Google celebrated the Pacman 30th Anniversary. In honor of this, they created a Google Doodle that depicted a game of Pacman played on a billboard with players using their smartphones to control the game. This article provides a breakdown of how this Doodle was made and what it means for the future of advertising.

What is Pacman?

Google celebrated the Pacman 30th Anniversary by creating an interactive game that could be played on any device.

Google is known for its search engine, but it also has a YouTube channel that features games and other interactive content. On July 17th, 2017, Google created an interactive game called “Pac-Man 256” that could be played on any device.

The game was based on the classic arcade game Pac-Man, but it was updated to take advantage of modern technology. Players had to navigate their characters around a maze while avoiding ghosts and other enemies. The game was available for free on Google Play and App Store.

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Where Has Pacman Been all this time?

Google has celebrated the Pacman 30th Anniversary with a special Google Doodle.

Pac-Man was first released on July 22, 1980, and since then it has become one of the most popular video games of all time.

Google says that Pac-Man has been played by over 2 billion people worldwide. It is also ranked as the most popular arcade game of all time.

To celebrate the anniversary, Google created a Google Doodle that shows Pac-Man eating a dot. The Google Doodle can be found on the homepage in different languages.

Why Has Google Celebrated Pacman 30th Anniversary?

Google has celebrated the Pacman 30th Anniversary with a series of online ads and games.

Google has been promoting the game for a few weeks now with a series of online ads that feature Pacman and various characters from the game. The ads have been placed on Google Search, YouTube, and other Google products.

The games that have been created in celebration of the anniversary include Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 and Pac-Man Friends. The first game is a sequel to the classic 1980s arcade game Pac-Man. The second game is a social network game where you can play as different characters from the original Pac-Man game.

Google has also released a special anniversary version of its Google Maps app. The app includes new features, such as saved locations and leaderboards for players who compete to see who can complete the most levels in the shortest amount of time.

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Google Doodles

To commemorate the Pacman 30th Anniversary, Google created a series of doodles. The first Doodle showed Pacman eating a fruit that resembled a Google logo. The logo then split in two, with one half becoming a ghost and the other half becoming a maze. The second Doodle showed Pacman chasing a green dot through a maze. The third Doodle showed Pacman navigating his way through a labyrinth. The fourth Doodle showed Pacman sitting at a computer, which had the Google logo on the screen. Finally, the fifth Doodle showed Pacman standing in front of an audience and waving to them. Pacman was used as the mascot for the Pacman competition at the 1997 World Computer Chess Championships. In 1999, he was featured in a commercial for The commercial showed a live-action Pacman chasing his own reflection in a mirror and dancing to “It’s Raining Men.” As of 2008, Pacman is still on Google’s website as an Easter egg, but can no longer be visited by humans.[3]

In 2011, Pacman was one of the many characters featured in a Google doodle celebrating Comic-Con International held in San Diego that same year.[4]

On April 28, 2012, Google introduced its first official Doodle using the character to commemorate the Pacman 30th Anniversary.


Google has a long-standing history of celebrating anniversaries, both big and small. This year, Google marked the Pacman 30th Anniversary by giving away free games to users in celebration. The games were unlocked by playing through various levels of its popular game search bar, which is equipped with a variety of different challenges that required players to use their knowledge of Google products and services.

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