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Foods that are easy to digest for men

One of the main reasons for trouble in the life of men is poor digestive problems. Women are far better in matters of health than men. And this is not any gimmick or social media rumour but is a fact proved by doctors and health researchers all over the world. But this does not mean that women are immortal and never complain about digestive problems. It is just the majority of women that are more conscious about their health and make choices in life keeping health in their mind.

This is the reason why men are more prone to digestive issues, obesity, diabetes, depression and hence, take pills like Cenforce 200mg and Vidalista 60mg. Today in the fast-paced environment both at work and at home, men have no time to choose healthy food. Today men are worked for 10 to 12 hours every day and sometimes this time is extended to 16 to 18 hours. Hardly there is any time left for eating and sleeping, hence they eat what they have got. This has created the need for readily available foods like packed foods such as instant noodles or fast-food items in street stalls. These foods may fulfil your hunger but are harmful in the long run. Hence, when digestive issues trouble men, they shouldn’t be shocked because they are themselves responsible for it.

In this article, we shall discuss some of the best foods that one must take as they are easy to digest. Hence, less stress on the gut and the man feels happy and energised.

Green vegetables

Since childhood, we are hearing from doctors, parents, teachers and all other well-wishers that we must eat large quantities of green vegetables. In those days we hardly listened and hence, were pressurized to eat green leafy vegetables. But now after growing up we understand how important green vegetables are for our health. Green Vegetables are low calorie, zero fat and high fibrous food item. Being a fibre rich food, it acts as roughage and helps in the easy passage of broken-down food or stool from the intestine to exit from the anus. This is why men suffering from constipation are asked to eat a lot of green vegetables.

Being a low calorie and zero fat items, green vegetables are necessary eatables during a weight loss diet. Eating lots of green veggies gives the feeling of fullness and does not add much to the calories or fats. So, the hours you spend in the gym work to burn down the calories and fats and you lose weight. Often during weight loss, weakness is an issue. Eating green vegetables gives essential vitamins, and minerals and keeps metabolic rate due to clear bowel and smooth digestion, hence the person does not feel weak but experiences a boost in energy and enthusiasm.


If you don’t want to eat vegan items or wanna go for non-vegetarian then choose seafood. Red meat and all such meat take more time than usual food items to get broken down in the gut. Thus, the metabolism slows down and digestion takes several hours. But you can still fulfil your taste of non-veg without worrying about digestion by eating seafood. Seafood has lots of options such as crabs, fish, liver oil, lobsters, shrimps etc. Seafood mostly contains very less meat and the meat present is already soft that takes very less time to get broken down into simpler forms.

This is the reason that doctors all-time prefer eating fish over chicken, goat or any mutton.


If taking carbohydrates, is your goal along with keeping your stomach full then rice is the best choice? Rice is consumed all over the world in some other forms. For example, in Asia, Africa and most parts of America people eat boiled rice with curry (veg or non-veg). And the same rice is consumed as rice noodles or rice balls in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hongkong etc. Rice is easily digested; we are here talking about white rice and not brown or black rice. Brown and black rice are high in protein and calories hence they are more likely to harm the digestive system. This is the reason doctors avoid the consumption of a protein-rich diet by someone who is suffering from digestive issues.

Rice can be eaten to gain quick energy which will help to hustle through the day without becoming overweight. Adding much oil or frying it will make a healthy plate of rice unhealthy.


Banana is one such fruit that is available for 12 months in a year. Irrespective of weather conditions banana cultivation has always been self-satisfying for India and even exported. You may get various varieties of bananas in the market; hence common men may get confused. Most of the varieties of Banana are the same, it slightly differs in the same hence, the nutrient value is the same. Taking Bananas not only ensures a good digestive system but helps achieve satisfying sexual interaction without going to Powpills for Vidalista 20.



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