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Five Ways to Drive Someone Crazy

All individuals can form expressive relationships that could have minimal or significant control over their emotions. For instance, you and your significant other, a relationship between best friends, or a relationship between siblings. Every intentional action brings a certain kind of emotion in you, whether positive or negative, which can affect your present or future relationship with the other party involved. Although some encounters with strangers can drive a person crazy, the chances that those encounters may have a lasting effect on the individual are small.  


The people you love and care about are the ones that are capable of creating a lasting effect on you with their actions. Since you care about what they think and sometimes accept what they suggest, they can do things to drive you crazy. To keep relationships in check, individuals need to take the most control over their emotions. This also means learning the things that can drive someone you love crazy or ruin your relationship. Below are five things you should not do: 

Withdrawal Syndrome  

When you withdraw from loved ones or zone them out for a long time due to minor or major traumatic experiences, it can drive your loved ones crazy. They worry about you constantly because it is heartbreaking for them to see you cold, depressed, and somewhere far away from the world.

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Symptoms of the Withdrawal Syndrome 

  • Ignore the things you usually pay attention to, as you do not seem interested in anything. 
  • Giving silent treatment to everybody around you.  
  • Depression and numbness 
  • Shutting people out. 

Even if you are angry about something and need some space, keep your family in the loop once in a while, as it tells them you are okay. Never shut your loved ones out completely, as it can ruin meaningful relationships in the long run. Also, try to talk to someone about how you feel. 

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Only speaking, never listening.  

It becomes very frustrating when you or someone you love is only speaking and not allowing the other party to say something. As other people listen to you, it is essential that you also listen to whatever they have to say. It tells them that you find their suggestions relevant and what they feel is critical. Try not to interrupt someone else, except if what you have to say draws a matter of urgency. Your listening skills help you to understand your loved ones and build a solid relationship with them. 

Being too clingy 

When you love someone, you always want to be around them, no matter the sacrifice you have to make. But, loving someone also requires respecting their space and giving them their alone time. Every individual has a time for solitude, where it is just them and their thoughts. It gives them time to reflect, meditate and rejuvenate their minds without interruption. When you are too clingy or always needy of the attention of your significant other, it disturbs their time, which can be frustrating.   

Learn to give your partners the air and time they need for self-care. It would go a long way in strengthening your relationships. Also, allow your partners to mingle with positive and open-minded people. 


Disrespect does not sit well with anybody, especially if it comes from a loved one. You can drive your partners crazy and hurt them by constantly being rude, disrespectful, and calling them foul names. Some individuals get to yelling, name-calling, and abuse in a short while anytime they are upset, which is very wrong. Learn to communicate how you feel without using hurtful words and allow your partners to express their feelings without getting angry.  

Consistent foul moods, yelling, and unnecessary resentment can push significant people away from you, as nobody enjoys keeping a toxic person in their lives. Treat your loved ones alongside strangers with the utmost respect, and never result in name-calling every time you get upset. 

Consistent violations

When someone disrespects you or does something you hate for the first time, you can tell them how much you hate their behavior and ask them not to repeat it. But if the person keeps repeating the same thing you warned them about, it can drive you crazy. If it is a family member, you may find it hard to disassociate from the person completely, but if it is a friend, you can give yourself from that toxic relationship to avoid disaster.  

Usually, rules, regulations, and boundaries help solidify relationships, as the parties involved respect one another. Below are basic rules to follow: 

  • Do not overstay your welcome in someone else’s house.  
  • Always know when you are not needed in a situation.  
  • Never take anything that does not belong to you. 
  • Always speak the truth, especially to your loved ones.  


Apart from the above-mentioned points, many other factors can drive the ones you love crazy. But communication between individuals creates close relationships and bolsters meaningful bonds, helping you understand one another. Know what your partner can tolerate and discern what can set them off. Learn to express yourself respectfully and allow them also to express their emotions.  



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