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Choose the best generator?

The generator set is used as an emergency power supply or on the job site to generate electricity. Diesel or gasoline, with launcher or starter, the generator has a capacitor, AVR or inverter regulation. Soundproof, powerful: here are some tips for choosing your natural gas generators.

Description of a generator

Power generation is a technology that has long been used. Without going into the details of creating an electric current, just know that to produce electricity, the easiest way is to run what is called a generator or alternator.

A generator, therefore, consists of a generator and a heat engine to drive it. The generator is characterized by the electrical power it can deliver. This power is expressed either in kW (kilowatts) or in kVA (kilo volt-amperes). To simplify the calculations, we consider that 1 kW = 1 kVA (in reality 1 kVA = 0.8 kW). The power supply provided by a generator set can be single-phase (1 phase + 1 neutral) or three-phase (3 phases). Recent generators have several safety devices and electronic regulation systems that guarantee stable current production (particularly in voltage, expressed in volts) and reliable and rapid fault detection (thermal, magnetic, differential protection, etc.).

Decide a generator set according to your wants.

Do you need electricity to occasionally run a few tools or have lighting in a place without electricity? Choose a gasoline-powered generator (preferably 4-stroke), with a power of around 3000 W, with a chassis with or without wheels (depending on use) and manual start. For the rectification of the current, a capacitor regulation will be amply sufficient. The power supply will be single-phase.

Are you going on vacation in a tent or in a camper van but you want to operate your coffee maker, your TV and recharge batteries (vehicle, Smartphone, tablet, etc.). Direct your choice towards a soundproof portable generator with a 4-stroke engine. This type of group offers a power of up to 2000 W, which is more than sufficient for occasional use and single-phase supply of energy-efficient receivers. For regulation, opt for inverter technology to avoid damaging your electronic devices. Are you a pro looking for a generator for sites without electricity?

Choose a powerful generator of 10 kW minimum, diesel, towable or not, capable of delivering single-phase and/or three-phase depending on the tools to be connected. Prefer an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) regulation to have a constant and stable voltage, without voltage peak or drop in power. Prefer a group that offers engine oil temperature control (when many tools are connected, the group may have trouble keeping up and getting up to temperature. With this added safety, it will automatically stop before breaking). Do you want to set up an emergency power supply for your home because network outages are recurring and sometimes long?

Choose as a priority a 4-stroke gasoline generator, with a comfortable power (around 5000 W), on a fixed frame, and having an inverter regulation system so as not to damage your various electronic or computer devices. Coupled with an electric starter and a source changeover switch, the group will take over at each power cut. For even more safety, choose a model with thermal safety and equipped with a differential cut-off device.



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