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Betta Fish Toys That Will Keep Your Fish Active and Happy

Bettas are often known as the “Lazy” fish because they tend to rest a lot. But it’s not because they’re lazy, it’s just their nature. Betta fish are labyrinth fish that prefer quiet, still waters and need less activity to thrive. They live in ponds and streams – not tanks. We recommend keeping your betta in something like a betta aquarium or a natural vase with lots of plants, rocks and other hiding places – these are all things that betta love. However, if you want to give them something more active for them to do, check out our list of the betta fish care toys you can get for them.

The Importance of Betta Fish Toys

Betta fish are very social and intelligent fish that enjoy interacting with their owners. In the wild, they build bubble nests to attract females to lay their eggs. In captivity, they are very curious and love interacting with their owners. They are also very active, so keeping betta happy and healthy means giving them the right toys to play with and keeping them active.


A lot of pet store fish toys contain dyes and chemicals that can harm your betta’s delicate gills. But thanks to the popularity of betta fish, there are a lot of great betta-safe toys you can get for them. Toys are important because they keep your fish happy and active. Active fish are healthier and live longer than inactive fish.

Marimo Moss Balls

Marimo balls are not only great decorations for your betta aquarium, but they are also natural betta fish toys. Marimo balls are a kind of algae that grow naturally in lakes in Japan. Like all plants, marimo balls need light, CO2, water and nutrients to survive. In aquariums, they can get these things from fish waste, light and CO2. 


Marimo balls also need nutrients, so feeding your fish on them once in a while is a good idea. Marimo balls are great for bettas because they let off a lot of CO2, they are very long-lasting (you can even let them grow into giant balls) and they add oxygen to the water. Marimo balls are also great decorations, and they come in a variety of colors.

Floating Care Dish

Floating care dishes are a good betta fish toy if you want something cheap. They can also be helpful if you have a betta with fin rot because you can use them to lift your fish out of the water. Some floating dishes even have feeding ports, so you can put food in them and your fish can eat out of them. Floating dishes are bad for bettas because they can be difficult to clean properly. Bacteria can build up in the space between the water and the dish, so be sure to clean it daily with a water conditioner. You can also use a sponge to clean the dishes.

Water Dish with Food Bowl

Water dishes with food bowls are also a cheap betta fish toy. They are easy to clean, and you can put a few marbles or pebbles in the dish to make it more interesting. If you have fin-rotting bettas, you can also put the dish on the floor of the aquarium so they can eat easily. Just make sure to clean the dish often to prevent bacteria buildup. Water dishes with food bowls are not the best betta fish toys, though. They are easy to clean, but they can be boring for your fish. You can also put the dish on the floor of the aquarium, which makes it harder to clean.

Floating Foam Balls

Floating foam balls are good betta fish toys if you want a cheap, easy option. You can get a pack of balls in different colors, and they are also very easy to clean. However, they are also easy to destroy, so you may want to replace them often. You can also try putting different toys in your aquarium – toys like ping pong balls, paper balls, plastic bottles, etc. Floating foam balls are not the best betta fish toys because they are easy to destroy, and they don’t provide any benefit to your water.


Betta fish are delicate and beautiful creatures that love to interact with their owners. Giving them toys to play with will keep them happy and healthy. Betta fish toys come in a wide variety, so there’s something for every budget and taste. They also come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. From marimo moss balls to floating foam balls, there are betta fish toys for every type of fish owner.




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