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Best Motherboard For Gaming Computer

The AMD Ryzen CPUs are beating Intel a lot in the high-end market. However, there is still plenty of competition in the low-end market. These are the most popular budget processors: Intel Core I5-10600K, and AMD Ryzen 5, 5600X. Both processors have twelve threads each and are Hexa core. These processors perform very close. AMD beat the Core I5 processors in multi-core tests.

The Intel Core i5-10600K processor is unlocked. As the letter ‘K” denotes, it can be overclocked provided a Z series motherboard is used. A B-series or H-series motherboard with a K-series processor is not recommended as you will not be able to take advantage of the processor’s speedy overclocking capabilities. The latest Z series motherboards are the Z490. They are designed for Core-series 10th and 11th generation processors and include an LGA-1200 plug.

These are quick buying tips!

Z490 motherboards offer the most advanced features and make it hard to choose. We have created a buying guide to help you choose between Z490 motherboards.

Form Factor: This is the first thing you need to check on a motherboard’s form factor. There are four main form factors for motherboards. E-ATX motherboards are the largest, but this form factor is only used in flagship motherboards. Next comes the ATX motherboards. These motherboards are the most popular form factor and are often used by most manufacturers. Micro-ATX motherboards, which are smaller than ATX motherboards, are often used with small mid-tower cases. Mini-ITX motherboards, which are smaller than ATX motherboards, can only be used with mini-ITX cases.

Overclocking Power: All Z490 motherboards have the overclocking capability. With a supported K series processor like the Core i5-10600K, you can increase the multiplier. The VRM of your motherboard determines the limits of overclocking. The motherboard’s voltage regulator module supplies power to the processor. Higher clock rates are possible if the VRM components are better. You should be able to reach 5.2 GHz with Z490 motherboards if you use high-end cooling.

Design and looks: The Z490 chipset has the best performance for Intel processors. Most motherboards built on this chipset are quite attractive. The Z490 motherboards are more expensive, but they have unique designs. These motherboards cost more than the mainstream ones, but they will make your computer look amazing.

Review of the Best Motherboard for the i5 10600K



The Asus Prime series motherboards are affordable and feature great features. This makes them a viable option for budget gamers. Although they are intended for budget builders, their performance and features are comparable to mid-range counterparts. These motherboards were made to be more professional than other gaming series.

The Asus Prime Z490-Aw motherboard is compatible with this processor. This motherboard cuts out almost all of the Z490 motherboards in the same price range. This motherboard’s outstanding price and support for Comet Lake processors (especially the i5 10600K) are what make it so attractive. Although there are cheaper options, the board is still the best in terms of performance and features.

This motherboard looks great, but it is not the most elegant. However, for complete white builds, or black and white builds, it is a good choice. We have not seen Asus change the look of the motherboards in the last two generations. They still come with a black-colored PCB and some white-colored shiny heaters. There are also diagonal lines that run from one end.

This motherboard’s IO cover is also available in white. It has RGB lights and Prime series branding. The chipset heatsink, Asus branding, and RGB are underneath. This motherboard has four memory slots that allow you to store 128 GB of RAM at 3200 MHz. Two M.2 slots each have one M.2 heat spreader each, which can be installed on either the primary or secondary. There are also 6x SATA 3.0 slots that allow for additional storage expansion.

Although you won’t be able to use the integrated Wi-Fi, this motherboard will still have a 2.5G NIC. This is the norm on the most recent motherboards. It also has M.2 E Key slots for M.2 Wi-Fi Modules. Some users claim that the Ethernet port does not work. I experienced this with my Gigabyte motherboard, but it is common for most people to have no problems with this board.



The MSI Tomahawk motherboard series is well-known for its low price and outstanding overclocking performance. These motherboards are a step-down version of the Unify series. However, they come with some premium features at a slightly higher price. The B450 Tomahawk is a great motherboard for overclocking due to its VRM and extended heatsinks.

This motherboard is not very attractive, but it looks good because of its black-colored base with gray stripes running diagonally from right to left. MSI and MAG branding are on the IO and VRM heatsinks, and Tomahawk is on the heatsink with RGB lighting underneath. The motherboard looks great, although the features are not bad. However, a price reduction would be greatly appreciated.

This motherboard has two M.2 slots with heat spreaders and six SATA6 slots for additional storage overclocking the motherboard uses two Ethernet ports on its rear side, as well as a 2.5G NIC. However, it does not support Wi-Fi 6. Both the first and second Ethernet ports run at 1 Gbps each. They also use different controllers.

This motherboard’s rear side has many other ports. These include USB 3.2 Gen2 Gen1 and Gen2 ports, as well as both Type A and Type C ports. Moderate VRM cooling is the only problem with this motherboard when overclocking it. This motherboard has two PCIe slots x16. The top slot comes with PCI Steel Armor, while the bottom one does not. It provides better support for larger graphics cards.

This motherboard’s CPU section is powered by one 8-pin and one 4-pin power connector. It also has a 14-phase power regulator. For a very low price, the MSI Mag Z490 Tomahawk motherboard allows users to access the same overclocking power as other Z490 motherboards. Users who want something even more powerful can get the MSI MEG Z490UNIFY, which offers a step-up variant.

This motherboard has everything, except integrated Wi-Fi. That’s why it is so popular. There are many options, including Tomahawk and Unify. I believe they will be the best motherboards for the i5 10600K. The core features of the other motherboards are similar, but this one is slightly more expensive.



Both offer the same features at a very affordable price, and the MSI Z490-A Pro Series motherboard and the Asus Prime series motherboard are identical. This motherboard was designed by the company for professionals and content creators, with its basic features. You can use it for budget gaming machines as well. However, MSI offers better options if you have the funds.

With a clock speed of up to 4800 MHz, you can add the memory of up to 128GB. This is a great feature in an entry-level motherboard with four DIMMs. The motherboard can support multiple graphics card configurations with two full-length PCIex16 slots, which include PCIeSTEEL armor on the primary slot, and three PCIex1 slots. The primary M.2 slot heatsink provides decent cooling for the NVMe SSD, allowing you to use it to its maximum potential.

This motherboard is great for overclocking Comet Lake processors. However, future Rocket Lake processors might find the PCIe 3.0 slots disappointing. The motherboard’s back IO contains one USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port, two USB 3.2 Gen1 ports, and two USB 2.0. The motherboard has two display output ports. These include the Display Port and HDMI. We have an article on how to determine if an HDMI cable is 2.0.

It is marketed as professional, but its NIC, M.2, and 4800 MHz memory support make it more attractive and premium. 



ASRock motherboards are among the most popular of the nine series. They all have a good price-performance ratio. While their premium motherboards may be too expensive, the mid-range and budget motherboards can still be great choices. This one is quite costly compared to other motherboards, but it’s the best in its category.

Extreme4 motherboards are great. The Z490 Extreme4 motherboard also has many good points. However, we’ve seen Phantom and Taichi series motherboards that have more to offer. ASRock motherboards are durable, according to the company. They use high-density fiber in their PCBs, which is designed to resist humidity.

This motherboard is more expensive than others due to the 2.5G NIC and RGB lights. However, this is a standard for modern motherboards. This board has six SATA3 slots and two M.2 storage slots.

This motherboard can be used to install nearly any Comet Lake processor, as well as Rocket Lake CPUs. The voltage regulators are located around the CPU socket. They also have 50A chokes with Nichicon caps. All of these are covered by two large heatsinks. This motherboard is an excellent choice for the best motherboard for 10600K build if you have the budget. This motherboard has a few drawbacks. It lacks Wi-Fi and only a handful of USB ports.


The Intel Core I5-10600K processor is powerful enough to handle all AAA games at decent FPS if it is coupled with a powerful graphic card. This processor’s performance can be increased by overclocking. It is a K series processor. The Z490 motherboards are best for this processor. Although the Z490 motherboards cost more than the H-series or B-series motherboards (and are generally more expensive), you can still overclock the cores and memory on this motherboard. The H-series and B-series motherboards cannot be changed.

ASUS Prime Z490-A motherboard is based on the Z490 chipset. It offers excellent overclocking capabilities and a white theme. This motherboard is a bit more expensive than other Z490 motherboards. The MSI MAG Z490 Tomahawk motherboard is very similar to the Prime Z490-A. However, it comes in a black theme and costs slightly less.

MSI Z490-A ProSeries motherboard is among the most affordable Z490 motherboards. This makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the Z490 features but doesn’t need to spend a lot. ASRock Z490 Extreme4 motherboard is the best on this list. It can also handle Core i9 processors, but it costs more than the other motherboards.

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