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Best 5 Natural Hair Wigs to Include in Daily Life

The majority of women don’t get enough time to install & uninstall their wigs daily. If you are also among those busy women who have no time to install a wig that needs to be installed using glue or adhesives and that needs to follow a lengthy installation process. Don’t worry; the hair industry is already flooded with different types of wigs and hair extensions. Therefore, you can easily find a wig that can be installed in a single go and helps to save time and effort. In the following article, we will highlight the best 5 natural hair wigs that you can include in your daily life that can help you save your time, so make sure to scroll till the end.

Different Types of Wigs to Wear

In the market, human or natural hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs are the two most popular types of wigs. Wigs that are made using natural human hair are called natural hair wigs. Whereas wigs made with hair obtained synthetically or by following some chemical process are known as synthetic wigs. 

Best 5 Natural Hair Wig to Wear for Daily 

Choosing a perfect wig among the wide variety in terms of length, texture, type, colour, pricing etc., is frustrating. So, here in this section, we will suggest to you some of the best natural hair wigs that you can include in your daily life, which are as follows:

  1. U-part natural hair wigs

A U-part is an ideal wig for women who don’t want to use glue or adhesives to wear a wig. A u-part natural hair wig comes with a U-shaped opening on the top. This U-shaped opening is provided at the crown area of your head so your hair can come out of the space and blend well with the hair of the wig, achieving a natural-looking hairline.

  1. V-part natural hair wigs

V-part wigs are a modified version of u-part wigs. The only difference is the size of the opening given in both wigs. In v-part wigs, the gap given at the crown area comes in V-shaped and has a narrow space for your natural hair compared to u-part wigs. This feature of this wig also enables your natural hair to come out through the given opening and form a natural-looking hairline. This wig comes with straps and clips to secure it, allowing it to be installed quickly and in less time. 

  1. Full cap wigs

Full cap wigs are an ideal option for those ladies who don’t get enough time to follow the lengthy process of wig installation. It’s a “grab and go” type of wig, meaning they are easy to put on just as a cap. It covers the entire head and comes equipped with two standard combs, a comb at the nape of your neck, and adjustable straps for a snug fit. 

  1. Half wigs

In a half wig, some of your hair is visible at the hairline, and some of the wig’s hair sits further back on your scalp. The hair of these half wigs looks more natural as they directly blend with your hair texture. But, keep in mind that the colour of the wig when purchasing should be very close to your natural hair colour to achieve a completely realistic look. Moreover, these wigs can be styled easily. 

  1. Lace wigs

Compared to synthetic wigs, natural hair lace wigs come with a semi-transparent lace base that can be styled and parted in many different ways. There are full lace units and lace front units available for lace wigs. A lace wig has fully laced bases that can be manipulated into multiple styles without looking unnatural. You can wear a full lace wig in various styles with confidence, including pin-ups, high buns, puffs, and many more. Several lace wigs come with predesigned “baby hairs” to give the hairline a more natural appearance.

Why should you wear a wig?

Well, this question has no perfect-fit answer. There can be several reasons for wearing a wig, as wigs are a great option to change our style and help us achieve a completely new and different look. However, some people like to wear wigs due to some medical conditions like hair thinning or complete hair loss. So entirely, the reason for wearing a wig depends on a particular individual.  

How to Look After a Natural hair Wig?

When it comes to caring for a human hair wig or hair bundles, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First and foremost, you should make sure to keep the wig clean. You can do this by rinsing it off with water and mild soap once a week if you wear it more often, or you can use a wig shampoo. Don’t forget to condition it using a wig conditioner, as it will help to keep your wig shiny and healthy. 

In addition, you should not wear or store the natural hair wig if wet, as it can damage the wig and cause an unpleasant smell. So, store or wear it only after it has dried completely. Also, avoid using a hair dryer because it can damage the hair of a wig. Overall, a natural hair wig is the same as your hair. So, as you take care of your hair, the natural hair wig also needs the same care and maintenance. 


In the hair industry, there is high competition among the sellers of wigs and hair extensions. Many sellers are selling low-quality wigs in the name of natural hair wigs at cheap rates. 

The hair used in those low-quality wigs is not virgin, due to which the wig can’t last long and may get damaged too soon. Therefore, when purchasing a wig, make sure you buy it from a well-known brand like Unice. Buying hair products from well-known wig companies can provide you with high-quality natural hair wigs of 100% virgin hair. I hope this article may help you find the best natural hair wigs that can be used in your daily life. If you need more information regarding wigs and hair extensions, make sure to subscribe to our blog. 



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