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Applying for an Indian Visa as an Austrian or Belgian Citizen

If you are an Austrian or Belgian citizen and are looking to apply for an Indian visa, you’ll have to follow some different steps than your average tourist or business traveler who wants to visit India on holiday or do business in India. If you plan on spending more than 180 days in India, then you need to know the following details about applying for an Indian visa as an Austrian or Belgian citizen. This applies whether you’re planning on traveling to India as a tourist, on business, or moving to India and need an Indian visa that lets you stay longer than 180 days.

How long does it take to get an Indian visa?

It may take anywhere from three weeks to three months to get a visa, but there are no guarantees. If you’ve been rejected once before and need to reapply, it can take six months or more. Whatever your nationality and your situation, it’s best to start your application at least two months in advance of when you plan on traveling. Though it can be frustrating if your application is stuck in processing, don’t give up hope—it doesn’t mean that you won’t be approved eventually! And remember that your passport needs to have six months left on it after you travel; if not, you’ll need a new one first. In short: The less time there is left on your current passport when applying for a new Indian visa, the longer that application process will take. Indian Visa for Belgian Citizens

What kind of documents do I need?

At some point during your visit to India, you will need to apply for a visa. Indian Embassies abroad require you to submit original copies of all your documents, which they will photocopy and keep on file. Getting a visa involves providing information about yourself, like name, age, marital status, and occupation. You must also provide information about your passport and proof of financial means when applying for an Indian visa as a Belgian citizen. The application process is generally straightforward; if there are any issues with your application it’s up to you to resolve them.

What if my documents are in English?

All Indian Embassy and Consulate documents are available in both English and French. Applicants should submit any documents written in a language other than French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, or Dutch through an accredited translation service in their country of origin. For example: if you have a birth certificate in English but live in Austria, ask your local Konsulat to translate it into German. As long as it is translated by a certified translator (who will stamp their name and address on your translated document), they should be able to accept it without a problem. This applies to any document (diplomas/certificates/bills) that is not written either in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian or Swedish. Indian Visa for Austrian Citizens

Can I send a copy of my passport by email?

You can send a copy of your passport by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. However, you must make sure that you have scanned your latest passport and not some other copies of older passports otherwise we will not be able to proceed further with any further actions on your application . We suggest you take a printout of that scanned copy and send it through the post office so that in case there is any problem with scanning of page, we can revert back easily. Please note even if you are sending a scan through mail then still you should have printout proof of sending it via registered mail/speed post.

When do I have to apply for my visa?

If you are planning a trip to India, you should apply for your visa at least a month in advance. Indian immigration authorities work on a first-come-first-served basis and there can be long delays if you don’t apply early enough. For example, last year I applied six weeks before my trip to India and was lucky to receive my visa in two weeks. If you plan your trip closer to the departure date than that, it could take several months to receive your visa, so make sure you plan ahead.

How much does the visa cost?

How much does it cost to apply for an Indian visa? This largely depends on whether you qualify for a visa on arrival, which will be free of charge, and what your nationality is. If you do not qualify for a visa on arrival, you’ll have to pay around $100 USD (depending on your nationality) in order to get a tourist or business visa from either your consulate or from online travel sites such as Traveloka. Then again, if you are part of India’s growing IT sector and qualify for an e-Visa, then you’ll be able to bypass all that process with just a click. In any case, we recommend that each applicant consults with their respective government agency in order to ascertain how much their application will cost.

Do I have to go to India if I get denied a visa at the embassy?

No, if you’re denied a visa at your embassy and don’t have any other Indian visa options, you can apply at one of India’s consulates. You will need to book a ticket to India ahead of time. Then check with your nearest consulate (in San Francisco, New York City, Washington D.C., Berlin, London, or Paris) to see what they require in terms of paperwork before applying. This is often dependent on which type of visa you are trying to get.

How should I prepare myself mentally before going through the process of applying for a visa?

The Indian visa application process can be a little confusing and there are many things to keep in mind while you are getting everything sorted out. Make sure that you have all of your documents in order before you begin applying for a visa. The visa application process is simple enough, but if you do not have everything together, it may become difficult to deal with later on. Keep in mind that things tend to move slowly when it comes to Indian visas and you should try not to get impatient if you don’t hear anything back from a consulate within a few weeks of sending your documents in. One thing that will help is if your application package is complete, so double check each document before submitting! Also make sure that there are no spelling errors, extra pages included, etc.



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