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Applying for a Turkish Visa as a Canadian or Chinese Citizen

If you’re a Canadian or Chinese citizen planning to visit Turkey, you may be wondering what type of visa you need to enter the country and how to apply for it. Although China and Turkey do not share any diplomatic relations, if you are a Chinese citizen, you can still get the necessary documents in order to travel to Turkey as long as you have a valid passport and meet the other requirements that make you eligible for the Turkish visa application process. This article will give you all the information you need about getting your Turkish visa as either a Canadian or Chinese citizen.

Requirements For A Turkey Tourist Visa

In order to apply for your visa, you’ll need to first fill out a Visa Application Form. You can download one from here; be sure to fill it out in Turkish! You’ll also need to provide two passport-sized photos of yourself and proof of your residence (e.g., a copy of your lease agreement). Once that’s done, take all of these documents to an official Turkish government office with jurisdiction over where you live (you can find a list here). The office will then issue you an application number which should be written on every document you submit with your application. Finally, once all of these documents are complete and submitted, they will send them off to Ankara for review. This entire process usually takes around 3 weeks but could take longer depending on how busy they are at any given time. Turkish Visa for Canadian Citizens

How to apply for a Canada/China visa

It’s quite easy to apply for a Turkish visa if you’re either a Canadian citizen or if you have dual citizenship between Canada and China. You just need to follow these three simple steps: (1) Gather your documents; (2) apply online, and (3) schedule an appointment at your nearest Turkish embassy or consulate. If you aren’t sure where that is, here are links to every Turkish embassy in every country, plus detailed instructions on how to contact them all.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Turkey Vacation

There are many steps to getting your Turkish visa, but once you do get it, you can start planning your trip! While in Turkey, make sure to visit famous sites such as The Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and more. With so much to see and do there is no way that you will be disappointed with your Turkish vacation. Check out our guide to help you get started planning your amazing trip today! If you want to know how to get a Turkish visa as a Chinese citizen, then read below:
It’s important to note that if you are visiting only one country in Europe, then Schengen visas aren’t required. But if you plan on visiting multiple countries within Europe, then applying for Schengen visas may be necessary. For example, if someone from China plans on visiting France and Italy during their trip through Europe (both countries require Schengen visas), they would need both French and Italian Schengen visas before arriving at either destination.

Visiting the Great Palace of Istanbul

If you’re planning to travel to Istanbul, you’ll need to know that there are special rules and regulations in place when it comes to entering Turkey. Whether you’re traveling as a tourist, student, businessperson, or temporary resident, you’ll want to make sure your passport is valid. But wait—getting an international visa can be tricky too! To make matters more confusing, there are different types of visas depending on your situation; some are available from other countries’ embassies abroad while others can only be obtained in person at Turkish border crossings. If you have specific questions about applying for a Turkish visa for Canadian citizens or applying for a Turkish Visa for Chinese Citizens, just leave us a comment below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!



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