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Applying for a Canada Visa as a Mexican or Bahraini Citizen

How to Apply for a Canada Visa if you are Mexican or Bahraini? What are the requirements? Find out here! Whether you’re from Mexico or Bahrain, this guide will walk you through the process of applying for Canadian work permits and visas, including whether you need an immigration lawyer and how to fill out your application forms. If you want to work in Canada, these tips will make the whole process easier!

What documents do I need to travel to Canada?

While there are many documents you can bring with you, some will be mandatory to get your Canada visa. Check with your country’s consulate to ensure you have all of them. Otherwise, here is a good place to start: Passport: You must have at least six months left before it expires, so get on that right away if your passport is nearing its expiration date. If you don’t have one yet, keep in mind that passports usually take four to six weeks to process and can cost more than $100 depending on how quickly you need them. To save time and money, check with your local government website (linked above) for tips on how best to get yours done. Canada Visa for Bahrain Citizens

Do I need a medical exam?

It depends on your age and country of origin. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, most applicants aged 16 to 64 will require a medical exam. You may be exempt from taking one if you’re under 16, over 64, or already have refugee status in Canada. Check out for more information on applying for a Canada visa in Mexico and Bahrain to make sure you don’t miss any details when filling out your application form!

Why am I being denied?

If you’re applying for a visa to visit Canada and your application is denied, there are likely a few reasons why. The first thing you should ask yourself is: did I do everything I needed to do? You can learn more about each step of applying here. If you applied on time, followed all of our instructions, and still haven’t heard anything from us, it could be that your profile isn’t eligible for processing. Our officers review every application before making their decision so it’s important to make sure that every box was ticked correctly; once an application is denied, there are very limited options to try again! Canada Visa for Mexican Citizens

Can I appeal?

If you feel your application was unfairly denied, there may be an opportunity to appeal. Every visa applicant is assigned a score based on characteristics like age, education level, and occupation. If you feel your profile wasn’t accurately scored, appeal before paying another fee. Your chances of success are low—Canada rejects more than half of all applicants on the first review—but there’s no harm in trying.

What if it is urgent?

If you’re in need of urgent help, consider contacting your nearest consulate. Urgent assistance might include cases involving: loss of passport and/or travel documents, arrest, illness, serious injury, or death. Always call before you go to see if they can see you on short notice. And always bring all of your original documents (such as birth certificates and marriage licenses) to every appointment. If your case is not urgent, be prepared to make an appointment with your local office in advance. Before you do that, it’s a good idea to have some information about where you live so that you can check which consulates serve your area and how far away each one is from where you are now.

Alternatives to Visas

People from Mexico and other countries that have visa-free access to Canada (Bahrain, for example) won’t need to apply for a visitor visa at all. Instead, they can apply online for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), which is also good for up to three years and doesn’t require an in-person interview at a Canadian embassy or consulate. It’s valid only if you travel with it, so be sure to keep copies of everything you send them. A Canadian ETA costs $7 CDN plus another $7 CDN if you want it emailed immediately; US citizens are charged $9 US.



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