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A Guide To Washing And Ironing Linen

Are you the proud owner of an envious collection of linen bed sheets and pillowcases? If yes, then you must be a tad bit troubled about washing and cleaning the bed linen. Linen is known for its soft and long-lasting fibres. The fibres of linen last for years and, as such, linen bed covers and pillow cases often get passed down from one generation to the next. Linen bed sheets not only add to the décor of the bedroom but also speak volumes about culture and tradition.

Linen bedsheets and pillow covers are often made a part of bridal trousseau because of the traditional qualities of the fabric. The breathability, softness, and long-lasting nature of linen makes the fabric desirable for one and all. But, did you know that cleaning linen can be a tad bit tricky? Washing and ironing linen often requires expert assistance. If you are new to the whole process, then you may opt for linen washing service offered by Hello Laundry. Hello Laundry is known for offering affordable laundry cleaning services all over London.

However, if you would rather take care of the generational linen bed sheets and pillow cases at home, then you may follow the tips, hacks, and techniques discussed here. From removing stains to maintaining the breathability of fabric, washing and ironing linen is highly crucial. Read on to know more about cleaning linen bed covers and cases at home.

How to wash and iron linen at home?

#1 – Eliminate the stains before washing

Different types of stains need to be treated differently for effective removal. For wine stains, one can smear the stained region with salt. Salt absorbs the moisture in the stains. Wipe off the remaining stain by soapy water and rinse thoroughly for final elimination of the stain. Coffee stains on linen sheets can be treated with plain alcohol. Rub the stained area with undiluted alcohol to get rid of the brownish colour. Wash the area with liquid detergent soap to remove the stain completely. There may be some stains that are too stubborn. For such stains, use a laundry brush to scrub the stained region repeatedly with soapy water until the stain disappears. Stains of grease or oil can be removed easily with plain talcum powder. Smear the stained region with talcum powder to draw out the oil from the stains. Next, wash the stained part with soapy water to get rid of the yellowish colour caused by the oil spill.

#2 – Wash the linen sheets at home:

Washing linen with water helps to soften the fabric and make it more breathable over time. One may rinse the linen sheets either by hand or in a washing machine. Washing linen sheets on a regular basis with cool water and mild detergent soap is highly recommended for the maintenance of fabric quality. Avoid using bleach as the chemical might harden the soft linen fibres and damage the gentle fabric. Use odourless and mild liquid detergent soap instead to wash the linen sheets at home. Set the temperature of water to 40 degrees for washing colourful linen sheets and covers. If the linen is white instead, then set the temperature of water to 60 degrees. Make sure that the water is not too hot as that might erode the quality of the fabric. Use a small amount of detergent soap and wash thoroughly to make sure that no soap remains in the linen sheets and cases.

#3 – Iron the clean linen sheets and covers after the wash:

Aeration of linen after washing is the best way to dry the damp linen sheets and covers. Do not leave the soaked linen in the washing machine drum for too long as that might make the linen smell bad. Air dry the wet linen immediately after washing to make sure that the linen smells fresh and clean. Aeration of the linen also helps in stretching out the creases that form during the washing stage. Ironing linen sheets is not exactly necessary. However, if the wrinkles look like an eyesore, then you may consider ironing the sheets while the linen is still damp after washing. If the linen is not damp enough, then moisten it by spraying a little bit of water all over the sheets and covers. Moistening the fabric helps in smoothing the creases and wrinkles quickly.

#4 – Store the linen sheets and cases safely:

Store the linen bed sheets, tablecloths, and cushion covers in a cupboard that is free of mould and moisture. Aerate the cupboard and toss in a few naphthalene balls to prevent damaging the fabric of linen. Fold the linen sheets carefully and tuck them into boxes for proper storage. 


Maintaining cleanliness of linen is pretty easy. Spare an hour or so on a regular basis to clean your linen collection. You may also avail of linen washing service offered by platforms near you.  Make sure that the linen remains soft and beautiful over time.



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