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7 Ways the Best Real Estate Agents Generate Leads

Real estate agents are in a unique position that allows them to make a living off of selling homes. To do this, they either have to actively find new leads or wait for potential clients to come to them. Generating leads is something that all agents must do to succeed, and it’s an essential part of the job.

The people who know the most and do the most in real estate will always succeed. To be a successful realtor, you need to take full advantage of your knowledge and experience by producing leads for your business. Here are 7 things real estate agents need to do to generate new leads in their business.

1. Market Yourself in a Neighborhood

If you want clients, you need to spend time and effort in a specific area, like a neighborhood. You should advertise your services at local events as well. This will help you establish relationships with people in the neighborhood and promote your business simultaneously.

As long as you have a solid reputation, people will be interested in working with you. One of the ways of marketing yourself is through geo farming, commonly referred to as geographic farming. It is when you have a map of the neighborhood and a list of people looking to buy or sell.

You can either go door-to-door, informing and persuading them to buy or sell. Or, another alternative is to use real estate postcards. There is a lot of competition in real estate, which often means you will get overwhelmed with leads. This can be useful when you are in the marketing phase of your business, but it should not be used as your primary method when generating leads for your business.

2. Engage with Your Sphere of Influence

Engaging with your sphere of influence is very different than advertising yourself to the general public. You need to know your sphere of influence in a certain area and find out why they are buying or selling their homes.

This will give you a better idea of the type of people you need to reach out to and make them interested in working with you. You can get referrals by talking about your expertise or doing some service for your sphere of influence’s friends, family, and neighbors.

In addition to this, you can also use referrals when it comes to business transactions. For example, if you want to sell someone’s home, you should tell them it is for sale and refer them to the real estate agent you chose for the transaction.

They will do the same for your business, making it easier for you to get your clients in the market. The sphere of influence is important because it helps build trust with your potential clients, thus increasing your chances of closing a deal.

3. Frequently Post on Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are very useful when it comes to real estate. It’s a quick way for your clients to follow you and be updated with your services. This helps to establish trust between the two of you. Social Media can be used to establish authority as a real estate agent by sharing your expertise and status.

You can also use it to attract new leads by posting pictures of your past clients or photos you took in the neighborhood you are currently focusing on. Instead of just sharing posts from other people, you can post some of your things that might be useful to the people in your area.

Posting about current real estate events, apps that realtors can use for their businesses, and any potential issues that aspiring realtors might run into is also recommended. Networking with other business people can lead to both referrals and leads by association.

It is a good idea to have dinner with other business people. Offer your services to their friends and clients and get to know them. It is also possible to suggest pop-up ideas for realtors about how they can provide better services for their clients in the future. This will help you to build up your reputation with other business people and generate more leads by association.

4. Google Ads

One of the most effective ways of marketing yourself is through Google Ads. You can create an ad, which will be displayed on Google’s machine learning algorithms and show your real estate agent’s name and information in front of your potential clients.

Additionally, you can use the advertisement to run a targeted campaign and automatically send out ads to particular demographics. When someone clicks on these ads, you are presented with their name, address, and email.

You can then contact them to set up a meeting, or if you want, you can send them services and products. This will help you in the future to build even more relationships with potential clients and generate more leads for your business.

The power of Google Ads in the real estate industry effectively generates buyer leads through increased brand visibility. You can determine the most effective locations to advertise. To do this, you need to know your ideal buyer profile, like their demographics and preferences. This will help you to create an ad that aligns with their needs.

5. Obtain Reviews on Google and Zillow

It is important for you as a real estate agent to have a good reputation. If your clients know what to expect from you, they will choose you over other agents in the market. This can be done through positive personal reviews on Google and Zillow.

You should have testimonials from past clients whose names you have obtained from people in your sphere of influence or referred them to your business. You can also ask other real estate agents for their recommendations so that they will recommend you to their clients.

They will even give you the contact information of their clients. You can also ask for testimonials from your neighbors and local businesses. Google and Zillow provide a platform for people to leave reviews about real estate agents in their area.

These reviews are posted in the form of stars that are depicted from one to five. You should ensure that you have at least 4.5 stars on your Google and Zillow review pages so that more people will trust you and make an inquiry about your business services.

6. Build a Website

Having your website will help you to generate more leads. Not only that, but it can also increase your credibility with potential clients. You should have updated and detailed information about homes, businesses, and other things available for sale in the area you are focusing on.

When creating your website, it is recommended that you use WordPress so that you can easily create new aspects of the site and be able to post ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Google. This is also very useful in terms of building up your authority as a real estate agent.

Other services that you might have access to, like lead generation, points, and referrals, can also be sold. Your website should have all the information needed to help potential clients make informed decisions about buying property.

7. Build Relationships with Realtors

Building real estate in this industry can be very competitive. You need to build up a rapport with other real estate agents in your area by helping each other out. You can do this by sharing knowledge in your field and helping each other as much as possible.

Helping other real estate agents can help you to build up your reputation in the market and increase your chances of getting more clients. You should also invite other real estate agents to join your sphere of influence so that they will refer useful leads to you and will also help you increase your network.

Being a part of professional organizations like the Realtors Association is also very useful. It’s easy for you to attend workshops, seminars, and conferences where current issues in the industry are discussed.


When choosing a real estate lead generation system, determining which marketing strategy is right for your business is one of the most important factors. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and you should consider all the possible elements to find out what works best for you.

You should ask around and do your research so that you will be able to make an informed decision about which real estate lead generation works best for your business.



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