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6 Types of House Rooms You Don’t Want to Miss

Every space in the house serves its purpose. Each room contributes towards making the house more functional and offering comfort at the best. Therefore if you are looking to build your house for the first time, make a mindful decision about the number and types of rooms you want in your house.  

Buying a plot in royal orchard Multan is one thing, but constructing a house altogether requires more effort. While it’s impossible to include all types of rooms in a single-house plan, you need to make an informed decision. A home is a sanctuary where you love to grow and nurture your family. So what rooms do you spend your time in most? And why? Is it your bedroom or kitchen? 

Keeping such questions in mind you can come up with a house design that can muster any of the following rooms. 

1- A living room 

Located on the ground floor of a house, the living room is the first thing you see when entering a home. It’s the first and foremost room that is impossible to miss. 

Most homeowners prefer to put up wall art and make it the center of attention. The living room acts as the spot where you spend most of the time after the office and just want to relax. Sometimes homeowners do not pay a lot of attention to home design resulting in a smaller living room than expected. So keep the family needs in mind and then get the floor plan designed.

The furniture in the living room is comfortable but also stylish at the same time so you have to be careful with your choice of interiors. 

2- Your bedroom 

How many bedrooms should be in a house? Depending on family size and requirements, usually, there are small bedrooms and one large master bedroom. The bedroom is your private place and so it should ooze safety and coziness. To make a bedroom more comfortable the decor should reflect your personality and it should help in sleeping too. 

Make sure bedrooms are airy and do not suffocate any ventilation. 

  • Master bedroom 

A master bedroom is an essential room in a house. A professional architect will come up with a house design where a master bedroom is more spacious and worth the effort made into it. It’s more cozy and stylish as compared to other bedrooms. After all, it has a queen-size bed and closet. 

  • Walk-in closet 

One of the latest trends in the installation of walk-in closets. Most master bedrooms have a bigger walk-in closet however the kids room can have a smaller version too. You can keep all of your clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes, etc in a dedicated space other than the main sleeping area of the bedroom. 

3- The kitchen 

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of a house. It’s where you spend your time cooking delicious meals for your entire family and spend quality time with your loved ones. However when designing the house, people these days are in favor of adding a second kitchen, if the budget allows. 

The second kitchen plays the role of “cooking/workstation” in a kitchen that is separate and mostly used to prepare meals. However, it can be used for other purposes as well like prep stations or as a small bar. It helps to keep the primary kitchen organized without any clutter. 

4- Dining room 

Adjacent to the kitchen is the dining room. Some dining room designs can be more extensive. But in a small house, the dining room is a conjoined space within the living room. So keeping the plot size in mind, you must come up with a floor plan that leaves enough space to add a table of six with enough leg room. 

In a traditional household, dining rooms can also be part of drawing rooms to keep up with the level of sophistication. 

5- The big family room 

Consider a family room as an extra living room. Usually, double-story houses have an extra family room on the first floor which is often left unused.  It is convenient for house members, living on the first floor, to gather around in the second family room to spend quality time alone or have good company. 

You can invite friends over and spend time in this area of the house to avoid any disruptions from other family members. 

6- Bathroom 

Small houses usually leave minimal bathroom space. More often the shower and toilet space are the same and may overlap in a poorly designed floor plan. Don’t forget the bathroom is also a place where you need to clean up. 

Therefore installing a shower stall to keep it separated from the rest of the bathroom area works. Sometimes houses with enough space have multiple bathrooms with different intentions to add more convenience. 

Keeping the availability and use of each room in mind, only then you can design a house style that best meets your needs.



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