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12 Reasons for Project Leaders to Make Use of A Timeline Maker

Are you a project leader? Are you looking for ways to make your job easier? If so, then you should definitely consider using an online timeline maker.

Anyone leading a project knows that timeline creation is essential. It’s not always easy to build one, though, which is why so many people turn to online timeline makers. If you’re not sure if this is the right step for your next project, check out these twelve reasons for making use of an online timeline maker:  

1. A timeline generator can help you visualize your project’s progress and deadlines.

If you’re a project leader, then you know all about the importance of deadlines. You also know how difficult it can be to keep track of them all. That’s where an online timeline maker comes in handy. It lets you see your project’s progress quickly and easily. This visual representation helps make things much easier for everyone involved.


2. A free timeline maker is cost-effective

Time is money, which is why it’s important to use a free timeline generator. You’ll save more money in the long run if you don’t have to pay for an expensive timeline creation tool.

Venngage is an excellent example of a timeline generator, where you can create timelines for free. Venngage offers a variety of different types of charts that are easy to create, edit, and download. It’s the perfect solution for creating timelines without having to pay anything extra.

3. You can use it to create reports for stakeholders

A timeline generator is a great tool for reporting to your stakeholders. You can easily show crucial information including deadlines, key milestones, and different project phases with one of these tools. In short, it’s a helpful way to give important information.

4. An online timeline creator can be used to estimate the duration of tasks

If you’re looking for a way to estimate the length of each task involved in your project, then you should consider an online timeline maker. These generators are great tools for figuring out how long certain tasks will take to complete.

5. You can use it to identify risks and potential problems

A timeline generator can help you identify risks and problems. If a certain event is taking place during a specific time, then it’s easy to see where issues may arise. Addressing these issues early on makes dealing with them much easier than if you wait until the last minute.


6. It can help you manage resources more effectively

If you have a tight deadline, then using an online timeline creator can help you manage your resources more effectively. It lets you rearrange things like tasks and milestones quickly and easily to find the best schedule for everyone involved. This is especially helpful if team members are not working on the project full-time.

7. A timeline creator can help you track dependencies between tasks

If you need help keeping track of dependencies between tasks, then consider using an online timeline generator. This type of tool makes it easy to determine which tasks cannot begin until the previous one is complete.

8. A timeline creator lets you include images and videos, leading to a more engaging presentation

If you need to present your project timeline in an upcoming meeting, then an online timeline generator is the best way to do it. These tools let users include images and videos as part of their presentations so they can explain things more clearly.

9. A timeline creator helps smooth out communication problems

As a project leader, it’s your job to keep everyone involved in the loop. While you might be working daily with certain team members, that may not be the case with others. A timeline generator lets you upload files and create links so that everyone can see exactly what’s going on at all times. This helps reduce communication problems between multiple parties, which is an important part of any project.


10. You can create timelines that combine different types of information

A timeline maker is great for creating timelines that contain more than just task information. For example, you might include statistics about your project alongside other types of information. That means these tools are ideal for visually showing data.

11. Timelines created with online tools are easily accessible anywhere

If you’re working on a project that requires people to be away from the office, then using an online timeline generator can make things much easier for everyone involved. Since all of the information is stored in one place, it’s easy for attendees to access what they need wherever they may be at any given time.

12. You can use it to create a range of different types of timelines

Timelines can be used for more than just tracking task information and showing deadlines. A timeline generator makes it easy to create all types of timelines, including those that feature calendars or schedules instead. This lets you change the format as you see fit, which makes these tools incredibly versatile.


A timeline maker can be an extremely valuable tool for project managers and leaders. It allows you to visualize your project in a way that is easy to understand and makes it simple to identify potential problems and areas of improvement. Not only that, but by sharing your timelines with team members and stakeholders, you can get everyone on the same page and ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of the project. Sign up for Venngage today to start creating beautiful visuals for your projects!




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