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10 things you should not apologize for

Guilt is a powerful emotion and is also the reason for the mental anguish. It is an important tool used by the society for to propagate subservience, and while it may be well-deserved in some cases, often, it is not. 


We are made to feel guilty about various issues where this emotion is not merited; we are made to feel guilty about saying no, about prioritizing yourself, about the choices that we make. 


And after this guilt comes the onslaught of mental anguish and apologies that are otherwise not fair. This guilt has grave implications for our wellbeing then; it causes unhappiness, despair, agitation, discontentment. 


It can also cause mental health problems and issues, that then require the help of the Best Psychologist in Lahore. Hence, it is vital that you take steps to assuage unnecessary guilt. First step, stop apologizing for things that are your right!


10 things you should not apologize for 


Setting boundaries

One of the biggest sources perhaps of guilt are when we set boundaries. The habit of people-pleasing with a personality of being a pushover makes you very vulnerable. It can cause others to walk right on over you, and ruin your mental peace. 


Hence, it is vital that you work on establishing boundaries, and not be apologetic for it. You have all the right to say no to a chore, you have the right to demand people to respect your space. You don’t have to apologize for asking people to behave when it comes to their conduct with you. 


Being honest

Honesty is a virtue, not a matter of shame. So, stop feeling guilty about being honest in your conduct and feelings. In the superficial world we live in, being dual faced is prized, and its sharp contrast with honesty is frowned up. Don’t care for such standards and continue with telling the truth. 


Making mistakes 

You should absolutely not be sorry for making a mistake. Perfectionism is overrated and beyond grasp. Mistakes, on the other hand, serve as a good learning opportunity. 


So, if you faltered, made an error, were met with a failure, don’t apologize for it. 


Not settling 

You don’t have to settle. You do deserve everything that you aspire for and have worked towards. Often, if you stand by your standards, people perceive you as being haughty, which can then make you backtrack and apologize. But don’t; there is no harm in wanting something and working towards it. Of course, if you feel as if you are entitled to something just because, then that is something that you must remedy.


Prioritizing yourself 

Self-love is not selfish. You, prioritizing yourself, is not up for debate or apology, period!


Removing people from your life 

Toxic and negative people cast a very dark shadow on your life, and if you have made the choice to remove them from your life, then we wish you a good riddance!


Trying to achieve your dreams 

No one should be apologizing for dreaming. You cannot put a limit to people’s imagination. Everyone has a right to aspire to be something, so, you do you!


Taking a break 

Do not apologize for taking or needing a break. If you are guilt-tripped into working long hours, putting extra shifts, slaving away on the weekends, then you are vulnerable to a burnout, not the mention the impact on your physical and mental health. So, be anything but apologetic for needing a break. 


Your appearance

You don’t have to be apologetic for your looks. You are perfect the way you are. Beauty comes in different shapes and forms!


Your mental health issues 

You don’t apologize for getting a headache, flu, or a fever, then why should you be apologizing for suffering from mental health problems? 


Your mental health issues are nothing to be ashamed about; continue visiting an expert like Ms. Zahra Kalsoom for help to get better. 



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