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10 Best Apps For Muslim Travelers In 2022

The fast-paced world has changed the world into a global village. It is important to travel to maintain mental and physical health. Muslims face problems when they travel to places that are not Muslim-friendly.

  • Local timings of the prayers
  • Find the direction of Qibla
  • Find the location of the Mosque
  • To find whether the food is permissible for Muslims

Technology has made it easy for Muslims to travel worldwide with all the information available at one touch. I realized this when I was on a trip with my friend. He told me all about the apps.

10 Best Apps For Muslim Travelers

Let me share those apps with you, so let’s start.

1.   Verify Halal

The name of the app clearly shows its use. It means wherever you go, you can find out whether the food you are eating is halal for you or not. Malaysian Islamic Development Council makes the app to help Muslims.

The app contains a high number of local companies, 6000 in number, and 60 certification bodies making it easy for the app to cover all the foods.

The app’s working is easy; you must scan the product, and the app will provide all the information. You can type the name in the search field if you cannot scan. Moreover, the app is also helpful when you are shopping.

2.   Muslim Pro

This app is helpful when you visit a place with no Mosques and cannot determine the correct timings of prayers. It maintains your connection with the prayers and duas.

It gives a free hand to the Muslims to travel anywhere in the world without worrying about the prayer timings. The app will notify you about the timings. Muslim Pro is available on both android and apple stores.

Besides the prayer timings, it helps you determine the right direction of Qibla; you can read the Quran in Arabic and find out about halal food.

3.   HHWT

HHWT means ‘Have Halal, Will Travel’ and is an app dedicated to Muslims planning their trip to beautiful places worldwide. HHWT is introduced to remove the complications that Muslims face while traveling.

It is tiring to rely on multiple sources to find all about your trip. HHWT has made it easier for you; all you have to do is create your trip on the app, save places of your choice, and you are good to go.

The app can also help you find destinations you are unaware of. You should use it and give reviews so more and more people can benefit from it.

4.   Halal Navi

Halal Navi provides you with all the information about halal restaurants for Muslims. Now, you don’t need to check the ingredients on the menu; open the app, and you will learn about the specific food.

The app is made according to the needs of every Muslim. Moreover, the app is not just specific to halal food. With this app, you can also find the right direction of Qibla and Mosques.

5.   Zabihah

According to reports, Zabihah is the best guide for Muslims to find halal restaurants and markets worldwide. The app’s database is filled with almost all the famous places worldwide. The app was introduced in the ’90s and is growing yearly.

The fact that makes it different from the rest is that it contains every little detail about the restaurant like prices, ingredients, reviews, timings, etc. Moreover, you can also see the halal certification of the restaurant you want to visit.

6.   Quran Companion

A Muslim need to build a strong relationship with Quran. The problem comes when you are traveling and not able to read the Quran. The app is introduced to find the solution to the problem. Now, you can enjoy your trip and maintain your relationship with the Quran.

The app works as a tutor to help you memorize the Surahs of your choice. Moreover, the best way to spend your idle time during a trip is to read and memorize the Quran.

7.   Halal Trip

The first thing to look out for when planning a trip is to find the flight and the hotels where you can stay. Halal trip helps you find the best flights that are Muslim friendly and the hotels that are suitable for Muslims.

Now, plan your trip wherever you want. You won’t face a problem traveling to non-Muslim countries. The app will help you find the rare places that are unknown to you.

The halal trip provides packages for Muslims where the app manages all the trips from the starting to the end. Travelling is very easy with this application.

8.   Islamic GPS

Although many apps help you find mosques during your trip, Islamic GPS is one step ahead. It helps you find the nearby mosques using augmented reality.

The working of the app is user-friendly. You have to hold up your phone, and all the nearby mosques within 20 km will appear on the app. Moreover, the app will also display the history of all the mosques. The app was made in 2016 and is now used in 94 countries.

9.   Crave Halal

Crave Halal app works in South Korea, the U.S, and Canada. The app satisfies you completely; it not only shows you the list of halal restaurants but also the verification.

The verification is done by teams manually contacting each restaurant and verifying their status. The database has more than 13,000 halal restaurants. The app is available on both android and iOS.

10.                     Skyscanner

Skyscanner provides you with the best and cheap.

  • Flight tickets
  • Hotels for staying
  • Car rental for traveling

The best is suitable for you if you are unsure about the destination; tap the everywhere button, and the app will provide you with the best travel deals available. You can choose the place which suits your budget.

The app also provides great features that help you find the best deals to travel to beautiful destinations worldwide. Skyscanner is available in both Arabic and English on Android and iOS.


The apps mentioned above will help you stay relaxed during your trip. Everything is available on your smartphone; install the app that best suits your needs. This is all from today’s topic. Let us know about your feedback in the comments. Thank you so much for your time.



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